Monday, December 2, 2013

Ceiling Fan Tutorial

 I am very excited to show you how I have decorated my Ceiling Fan blades in my art room. Leaving them blank just seems like an art crime:):) So, when ever I have gotten a new house and have to move in with my art of the first things I do is play with the plain ceiling fans. It makes me happy to see color spinning round and round:):) So, lets begin shall we.....

Here are the supplies you will need... your favorite kind of gel medium (Modge podge, Collage Pauge) Solid tissue papers, printed tissue papers, scissors, white paint, brush, collage butterflies.

I tear and lay out all my tissues in color groups.
 Tear your tissues up into smaller manageable pieces. Also, make sure you tear different shapes.
 Now, I lay my blades out white side up. I work on all 5 blades at once. For example....I glue orange down on the first blade and move to the next blade and glue orange down, then the next blade and so on. When you do it this will finish all the blades at the same time:):)

I like to use tissues for this project...because you can over lap the tissues and they look you see above:):)
 When I get to the edges I just glue right off the edges. I come back after it is dry....and cut them clean.
                   I also like to use solids colors...with one or two printed tissues...this adds depth.
                                                          After all is dry .....trim....
             I flip the blade over and use my scissors to poke out the hole for the blade placements.

 To help bring all the colors together better..I always use white paint with bubble wrap. This helps push the bright colors back a little...and helps with giving the eyes a place to rest:):)
 Then...I love butterflies...and always place one butterfly per blade. Trim them out...and glue them on top of it all....and in different places on the blades.
                                                Here is a close up of the finished blade.

I lay them out in the order that I want my hubby to put them up.
...and that is it.... Easy Peasy!!!! ...and so much fun:) 
 ...and here they are up on the ceiling ....decorated ceiling fans always make a room HAPPY:):)
Of course that is just my wee opinion :):)

Well, I am off for the next few days...My boys are home for the first time in 3 years.... It is CHRISTMAS here at my house this week. This was the only week I could get them to come...with their busy schedules. I'm a very happy momma....
...very HAPPY momma :):)

Happy early Merry Christmas ya'll


gracie said...

Love the fan and great to have your boys home together.

Jen said...

Hello Sandie, That is a great idea Love how you decorated the blades. Amazing difference.
Enjoy your time with your boys. Lovely photo. Happy Christmas.x

fiberchick said...

What a great idea! I might have to get a ceiling fan:) Enjoy your boys!

Vicki W said...

That is a great idea for the fan blades!

Marianne said...

ooooh you are so clever. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Createology said...

FANtastic artistic creative personalized blades for your ceiling fan decor. Uber clever! Creative Joy...

Karen Valentine said...

Love it! I can see colored artsy fan blades popping up all over the country!!!

Marlynne said...

Terrific Fan Remake!

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