Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy Art Swap #6 December

      Hello Blog land....I have another amazing set of goodies to show you!! The girls made wonderful cards again this month!! I LOVE this swap so much. Please enjoy the show:):)

                               Above we have..... Sarah M. from Australia
                                                         Tracy M. from Oklahoma
                                                            Rachel M. from Florida
                   Rachel M. was sweet enough to make extras...which I gave out to the group.
                                                       Carla M. from The Netherlands
                                                             Lori B. from Florida
                                                          Karen A. from California
                                                           Emily L. from Canada
                                                            Tessa W. from Scotland
                                                            Kelly W. from Canada
                                                            Kelli R. from Australia
                                                          Marianna D. from Arizona
                                                          Jill A. from Massachusetts
                                                       Kathy M. from New Hampshire
                                                             Cindy O. from Arizona
                                                           Katie R. from Nebraska

                                                          Syda H. from California
                                                          Stephanie D. from Florida
                                                              Caroline B. from Texas
                                                            Leta M. from Neveda
                                                              Kim H. from Connecticut
                                                        Deborah B. from Wyoming
                                                         Darlene W. from Florida
                                                             Chris A. from Michigan
                                                           Kelley H. from Minnesota
                                                              Shelby H. from Arkansas
                                                        Sharon P. from Missouri
                               ...and finally there are my set of cards....Sandra Kaye from Arizona
and this month I kept all the extras...and here they are!!! Love them all!!

Thanks for coming by and taking a look....Hope you all had an awesome Christmas:)

If you are interested in joining the me. We would love to have you come and play:)
We have 28 states and 11 countries playing:):)


Marianne said...

I feel a bit sad that I did not get in on the swap this month. Look at all of those wonderful colorful pieces of art !

Sue M said...

Could you give me a link for how the swap works ?

Sue M said...

Could you give me a link for how the swap works ?

Steph Dodson said...

Such beautiful pieces of artwork - I love that so many of us went for lots of color in our pieces :D This is a great crowd and I'm glad (lucky) I got in on this round. Looking forward to more!

Bonnie said...

What wonderful postcards. Great eye candy.

Shawsha Newcomb said...

Hey, it's me, @shawshanewcomb from IG! I certainly would like to be a part of your swap, how exactly does it work?

Marlynne said...

Enjoyed your art swap pictures again!

Lori L Lehman said...

Hi Sandra,
This looks like fun I would love to join the art swap. Could you send me the info to sign up? Thanks so much and have a wonderful day!

Sandra Kaye said...

Lori.... I can't find an email for you... So you need to email me if you want me to give you info on the swap. Would love for you to join in:):)

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