Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Art Swap #7 January

It is Happy Art Swap time again this month!!! Here are the amazing art cards that came in for the swap.....I'm soooo happy to be the Swap Momma of this swap. These ladies make me so HAPPY:):)
Enjoy the show and tell....

                                                        Chris A. from Michigan
                                                         Tessa W. from Scotland
                                                       Kim H. from Connecticut
                                                            Kelly R. from Australia
                                                      Danielle W. from California
                                                     Debra B. from Wyoming
                                                        Kenzie K. from Illinois
                                                            Jill A. from Massachusetts
                                                          Emily L. from Canada
                                                      Susanne M. from Denmark
                                                        Shawsha N. from Missouri
                                                      Syda H. from California
                                                      Rachel M. from Florida
                                                          Cindy O. from Arizona
Kathy M. from New Hampshire
Sarah M. from Australia
                                                             Rachel E. from the U.K.

                                                                 Darlene W. from Florida
                                                                Leta M. from Nevada
                                          Leta sent in extras for me to give a way...which I did:):)
                                                      Celia B from
                                                               Patrica U. from Alabama

             Marrianna D. from Arizona 
                                                            Carla M from Netherlands
                                                       Rebecca D. from South Carolina
                                                               Lynn S. from Ohio
                                                             Nicole Q. from California
                                                              Linda S. from Maryland
                                                       Marianne B. from Maryland
                                                        Shelby H. from Arkansas
                                                                Caroline B. from Texas
                                                          Penelope S. from Washington
 ...and here are my cards for the month...lots of texture:):)

I did the FAVORITE card contest again this month...and my judge was Karen Valentine. She poured over the cards and picked her favorites here are her pics.....
                                                Her first pick was Kenzie K.
                                                Her second pick was Susanne M.
and finally her third pick was Marrianna D.

Each of these artist will get a stack of my extras as well as the 3 the cards they would normally get.
Thanks so much playing Every one...Your cards were wonderful as usual.
Until next month....

P.S.... to all the Happy Art Swappers...I will have a tutorial available next month for making a book...that will hold 24 of your haswap cards.... :):)   I am putting together a step-by-step PDF with color pictures...that will be available for $5.00

...and for those who might not want to take the time to make one...I will have finished books ready for sale in my Etsy shop...for you to just pop your Haswap cards in:):)

Much Love-- Swap Momma Sandie

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Brand New Etsy Shop

                         I am busy making art journals and paintings for My New Etsy shop:):)
 Here is a close up of one of the art measures 8 1/4 tall x 6 wide x1 inch thick. It was coptic bound and has a leather closure. And 6 signatures with 3 pages each.
side view of the above journal.

here is a larger art journal.... it measures 9 tall x 7 1/2 wide x 1 1/4 inch thick. It has 6 signatures as well and 3 pages each signatures. I bound it with leather on the spine, and a leather strap.
 side view of the above journal
since writing this post...the above journal has sold:)
 I just finished this new journal yesterday... It measures 11 tall x 7 1/4 wide x 1 1/ 4 inch thick. Has 6 signatures with 3 papers folded in each the journal 72 pages. I used real leather on the spine to bind the journal.
 This is the Back cover...both front and back are done with original ephemera, paint, and my art work.

I am also starting to put my artwork in the shop as well... prints of my original paintings...and the originals as well. I will even sell purses, totes, art dolls, and quilts.... here is an original painting for sale now....
this painting is all acrylics and measures 8 x 10...and is a definite HAPPY ART by Sandie:):)

You can find all my journals and my art for sale at my Brand New Etsy Shop. 
Please come by.....
Click on this link.... SandraKayeDesignsEtsyShop

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