Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year!...and my Art Room Reveal:)

Happy New Year!!!! This is my first post for the year 2014!!! I hope you all had an awesome Christmas. Well, I have been super busy creating a very new and final Happy Art Place. LOL...if you look at my studio file..you will find that I have had 4 different places to do my art since I moved to Arizona. I just couldn't find the right fit...that made me happy...and want to hang out all day and create:):) But, I believe I have finally found my art home ... well, I know I have...cause my family can never seem to get me out of my studio:):)

Remember where this all started? (above) It was a 3rd car garage facing the back of my house. The wall on the right is my kitchen wall inside the house.

I am very glad to say...it looks a wee bit different now.... come with me and lets take a look:):)
This is the same corner as above.... I am VERY organized now!!! I even got a label maker for Christmas...and have labeled everything. Anyone can come in here and find what they need..
 This is the captains chair of this spaceship:):) All my must haves are near me...so I can be creative at any moment:)
I have 3 of these Ikea carts...LOVE them...with the tile floors they move super easy.
                                                ....sigh.... just makes me so happy.....
         I even have goodies hiding under the tables..... The door on the left goes into my kitchen. I now have 3 work spaces to play on...my desk, the brown one in the middle (which I plan on dressing up) and the Ikea butcher block near the french doors:):)
I will paint the top of this table white...then add fun colors to it...leaving the legs black.

   The glass doors...used to be the garage door...now just very pretty french doors. (that my poodles like looking out of) I have my TV, which is on wheels so I can move it to face which ever table I am sitting on. (my son put them on for me:):) My comfy chair for reading or drawing...and snuggling poodles:)

My butcher block....which I love because it is tall...so I don't have to sit if I don't want to.
You can see the curtains I made behind the butcher block.
More storage and things that make me happy:):)
Under my bears I keep all the art journals I have made and filled...truthfully only 4 of them are filled:):) The rest I'm working on:):)

     Here you can see my inspiration wall. All the art is from other artist that I admire. This wall gives me inspiration to make my own art....and it just makes me HAPPY:):) The smile sign is a vintage metal sign I got from Sweet Salvage.

      My Happy Art Swap cards are hanging on the line...and in the vintage crate in front of the line....more happy art that I love:):)

      The flat files are filled to the brim with all kinds of paper:):)

                                   Well...that is the tour...we are back to the Ikeas cubes again.

       ......And to make things even BETTER....I have had some wonderful people come and visit me and my new art place.....they have come from all over.   I can't wait to start having more artists come and play .
                  Marianna from Flagstaff Arizona....even Bella got in that picture:)
Marianne from Maryland....LOL!! you can't come and visit me without the poodles giving you kisses.
                    .....here Zoey was getting some loving.

                                                              ....and Madison from Ohio

                 It is great to have these amazing artist come and visit me when they come to town.

           Well, that is my new HAPPY art place.....I love it!!!.....and it is my last art place...(unless we have to move for some unforeseen reason)..... Otherwise....I'M NOT LEAVING THIS HOUSE....or art studio:):)

          Thanks for stopping by to have a looksy.....if you are ever in Scottsdale, Arizona.....give me a buzz...and come and play for awhile....I'd love to have you come on over:):)

                                                                  Much love- Sandie


carol fun said...

WOW~ what a fantastic studio! A person couldn't help but creative in such a fun space. Love all the IKEA stuff - its my favorite store. I wish I could get my hands on that button rug. They have been out of stock the last 3 times I visited the store.

Kathy said...

It turned out perfect and so happy to hear you are so pleased with it!! Love the wall color, too.

Vicki W said...

What a great space!

Chickadee Sue said...

Great space, I hope you have many happy creative hours in there!

Shocking Hocking said...

just one word - AWESOME - *smile*

Deborah OHare said...

Glorious! Thrilled to spot my little piece on your wall :D

Emily Lagore said...

Fabulous space Sandie!! Can't wait to see it in March!!

Marrianna said...

I saw it before it got fully organized and it was beautiful then. You give a wonderful virtual tour to your adoring public. Love it, dahling, absolutely love it!

Gale Wrigley said...

It looks GREAT, Sandie! What a fun place to play. I'll be in Scottdale for Quilting in the Desert at the end of the month.

Lisa said...

Oh, Sandie! How fun!
My husband is coming to Scottsdale next week and i wish I was going with him just to stop by your amazing space. You are such an inspiration and I don't know where you get all the energy you have to get so much accomplished.
Thanks for always sharing your work. I enjoy it so much.

Nancy said...

Deeee-lightful! Hard to pry yourself away I'm sure. Well done.

Nancy said...

Deeee-lightful! Hard to pry yourself away I'm sure. Well done.

Nancy said...

Deeee-lightful! Hard to pry yourself away I'm sure. Well done.

Nancy said...

Deeelightful! Hard to pry yourself away from there. Well done.

gracie said...

Your studio looks great. Enjoy creating even more now.

Marianne said...

LOL ! I love it ! You worked hard and it paid off ! I wish you many many many hours of happiness in your "Color Cave" !

Amy C said...

Yep. I'm jealous. The room is beautiful!

Artzy Empress said...

What a GORGEOUS space!!! I am SO happy for you! I want to go down there and play.

StasaLynn said...

Beautiful space and so COLORFUL.... I love colorful.

Have fun and keep creating!

Michelle P said...

Its just so perfect!!! Wish I could come visit and play!

MariQuilts said...

So fabulous.....you did a great job!!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

It's faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous!! Of course I'm late to the be debut, but I'm here and I love it! Those green walls make me super happy. I do love some green! Wishing you a fun and inspiring year ahead girlfriend!

Deanna Anthony said...

What an inspiring space!!! Love every bit of it! I now have a good sized studio space to share with my daughter. We're still moving things about, here and there, to see what works best, and using what storage we have. We sure love being in there, though! Hope you're having a wonderfully creative day!

Marlynne said...

Congratulations on your happy colorful art studio! I can see why you are so pleased you with it! It's outstanding! Marlynne

ImagiMeri said...

Hi Sandi,

I just had lunch and a girly day with Karen Valentine and she talked about you. She said we have a lot of similar interests and we both love color. I'm participating in a unique artist retreat at the end of this month and Karen thought you should know about it. If you could send me your email, I'd be happy to send you the link to this amazing gathering of 40 mixed media/fine artists from around the world right here in our state.


I hope to hear from you.


ImagiMeri said...

Oh, I'm also participating in Life Book 2014, like you. We should meet sometime.

Hugs again,

DoodleDiem said...

Congratulations on your happy room. What a beautiful space you have <3
xox from Denmark.

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