Thursday, February 27, 2014

Arty Messes in Florida

I am in Florida at this time visiting my Family and Friends. Today I went over to my friend Lori's house....and she had homemade gelli plates waiting for us to play with. I had always heard that homemade gelli plates fell apart quickly and were very I just went with the store bought I wouldn't have to worry about it. Well, Lori found an awesome recipe for these plates...and when you are done. You just melt it down to liquid...then pop it back in the fridge and you have a new plate to play with. They didn't melt or anything..we played for several hours...and the plates held up great...I will put the link to the recipe at the bottom of this post.
   We had all the paints, and tools ready to make a MESS. Of course that is what gelli plating is all about....making wonderful messy papers.
               Here is my lovely friend Lori....having a great time making messy art:):) you can see me pulling my paper up to see what kind of print I am going to get:)
        Messy hands.....ahhhh....there is nothing better than messy hands:):)
                                                          Lori is pulling up a print:):)

           I had papers everywhere....all around me...I could not get up and walk around ...LOL!!!!
                                                    You papers have to dry somewhere:):)
Me....having a great time:):)
 and here is one of my 29 faces I made using the papers from today for the hair on this girl:):)
Here is the link for the gelli plate recipe.... HERE.
...and finally when I visit friends and they have adorable little balls of fur running around...I always like to include them in my posts:):) This is "Little Bear"....she was very gracious to let me come and play with her Mommy...(giggle:)

Thanks for visiting me today....until next time:):)

Monday, February 24, 2014

29 Face Challenge Update

 I will start with face #9....I wasn't sure where I was going to go with this face...I knew I wanted a blue girl.....sometimes you just have to go with what comes....and so I did.
 I added dylusion sprays to the background and some more blue paint.... then the tears needed to fall...
 When I look back at this face after I did her...I was feeling very blue myself. I think this is the first time I have actually felt a project after I did it....I knew exactly where this was coming from.
                      Face #10...and simple sketch...I had a migraine this day....but wanted to keep up...
Feeling much better the next day with face #11. I love that the word happy showed up right under her eye. I did not plan that:):)
                                                         Face #12...Tombow markers.

Face #13

Face #14
                          Face # 15...I was inspired by Teresa Kogut on pinterest. LOVE her angels!!
                                                                      Face #16
                                                Face purple eyed alien girl :)
                                                                          Face #18
 Face #19...also inspired from Pinterest...only there was no name attached to I can't give credit where credit is due...and I changed it a bit also.
                                                                           Face #20
                                                         Face #21... zentangle hair:):)
 and finally Face #22....I painted the face first...I knew I wanted to add paper hair.....
 ...and so I did...I used the gelliplate papers I made the other day with my friend Lori. I cut them up and added them to the face.
I love putting mandalas in the eyes...makes them look so soulful:):)

Well, I have been trying really hard to keep of with this challenge...I am now 2 faces's face and yesterdays face...but I will get them both done today. The month is almost over....

I am currently in Florida visiting my Mom, Sister, and Son....and playing with my friends.
Having a wonderful visit...walking the beach, making arty messes, and loving on my family.

Will be doing the Happy Art Swap tomorrow...Hubs mailed me the rest of the cards:):)

I hope you have an awesome day
Thanks for stopping by:):)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Art Swap Bookbinding Tutorial

          I am super excited to announce my very first Bookbinding Tutorial. I am the proud Swap Momma to an amazing group of artist's. They send me their artwork every month for me to swap date I have 27 states, and 8 countries swapping with me. Some of these wonderful ladies have been swapping for 6 months or, the question has come up..."What do I do with these cards now?".
        With that question popping up often...I set out to make a book that would hold the cards...without damaging any of the artwork. Writing instructions and taking pictures as you make your a lot of work!!! But, I am really happy with the end results.
          Here is a peek into my book already filled up with artwork!!!! I love that I can see both the front and the back of each piece....I want to see the signatures of the different artist. 
                                   You can see one of Emily L.'s  beautiful mandalas.
                                        Here is Susanne M. adorable watercolor puppy card.
and then Kelli R. lovely layered heart cards.

The Bookbinding Tutorial is available for $5.00.  You will get step by step pictures, and instructions on how to make the above book. With a few small changes I also show you how to make an art journal. So, you are getting instructions for 2 books. This is a basic bookbinding, you do not need to have previous knowledge of bookbinding. 

Purchase the Happy Art Swap Bookbinding Tutorial HERE.

....and for those who are super busy and don't have the time to make a book...but, would love to have one....I made 4 books. All ready for you to put your Happy Art cards in. Each book holds 24 cards.
                    I pulled out my Gelli-plate sheets and decorated these books with them.
                                             They even have ribbon closures already to go.

          These books are for sale in my Etsy shop for $25.00 each plus shipping....and If you buy one of these books...I will throw in an original Happy Art Swap card from ME :):):) You don't have to do anything....but, put your cards in....the book will come with instructions on how to do that.

                                                        Find my Etsy shop HERE!!

            Well, that is it for me today....Thanks again to all the swappers who play along with me...I am honored to have your art....and have you swapping with this group:):)

                                                Very HAPPY Swap Momma... Sandie

Saturday, February 8, 2014

29 Faces Challenge

I am participating in the "29 Faces Challenge" put on by Ayala Art.
Everyday in the month of February you draw a face. Now before you ask.... Ayala started this challenge for the first time during a leap year...and the name just stuck:):)
Today I am linking up with her blog "29 Faces" to show you my first week of faces.
I am using my large moleskin...that has become my face practice journal...ALL that ever goes in this journal are FACES. So, why not put this one month challenge into this journal...right? Above is my title square.
Feb 1st (done with tombow markers)

                                                     Feb 2nd (done with inktense pencils)
                                                      Feb 3rd (done with just pen and ink)
                                                     Feb 4th (done with gouache paints)

                               Feb 5th (done with pen and ink and a touch of watercolor in eyes)
                                           Very happy with her eyes....I put mandalas in them:):)
                                     Feb 6th (done with Inktense color pencils and markers)

                                                Feb 7th (done with Inktense color pencils)
                               and finally today's face..... Feb 8th (done with Neocolors2)
Thanks for stopping by....Love to have visitors:):)
Be sure to check out Ayala's blog HERE and see all the other artist and their Faces:):)

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