Thursday, February 27, 2014

Arty Messes in Florida

I am in Florida at this time visiting my Family and Friends. Today I went over to my friend Lori's house....and she had homemade gelli plates waiting for us to play with. I had always heard that homemade gelli plates fell apart quickly and were very I just went with the store bought I wouldn't have to worry about it. Well, Lori found an awesome recipe for these plates...and when you are done. You just melt it down to liquid...then pop it back in the fridge and you have a new plate to play with. They didn't melt or anything..we played for several hours...and the plates held up great...I will put the link to the recipe at the bottom of this post.
   We had all the paints, and tools ready to make a MESS. Of course that is what gelli plating is all about....making wonderful messy papers.
               Here is my lovely friend Lori....having a great time making messy art:):) you can see me pulling my paper up to see what kind of print I am going to get:)
        Messy hands.....ahhhh....there is nothing better than messy hands:):)
                                                          Lori is pulling up a print:):)

           I had papers everywhere....all around me...I could not get up and walk around ...LOL!!!!
                                                    You papers have to dry somewhere:):)
Me....having a great time:):)
 and here is one of my 29 faces I made using the papers from today for the hair on this girl:):)
Here is the link for the gelli plate recipe.... HERE.
...and finally when I visit friends and they have adorable little balls of fur running around...I always like to include them in my posts:):) This is "Little Bear"....she was very gracious to let me come and play with her Mommy...(giggle:)

Thanks for visiting me today....until next time:):)


laurajane said...

Hi Sandie,looks like fun.Ive never heard of gelli plates.

Nancy said...

Little Bear is way cute. How did she keep her ears clean with all the messy painted papers around? I'm impressed. And impressed with the results of your play date! Thanks for the link. I must try this!

Tessa Wyatt said...

Hello, I was interested in what recipe you used? Fun blog 😃😃😃

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