Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Art Swap #8 February

 Welcome to February's Happy Art Swap cards :)
We had a wonderful bunch of cards come in....I am very grateful for all the Ladies who play with me on this trade:):)

Kenzie K from Illinois
                                                           Debra B. from Wyoming
                                                            Emily L. from Canada
                                                             Kelly H. from Minnesota
                                                          Tessa W. from Scotland
                                                       Jill A. from Massachusetts
                                                          Robin M. from New York
                                                               Kim H. from Connecticut
                                                        Sarah M. from Australia
                                                         Sue M from Australia
                                                      Marianna D. from Arizona
                                                          Susanne M. from Denmark
                                                             Ciara M. from UK
                                                               Kelly S. from Texas
                                                               Cindy O. from Arizona
                                                             Darlene W. from Florida
  Carla M. from Netherlands

                                                              Leta M. from Nevada
                                                             Mandee from Georgia
                                                    Celia B. from Virginia
                                                               Karen P. from Florida
                                                            Syda H. from California
                                                  Kathy M. from New Hampshire
                                                            Dawn P. from Tennessee
                                                   Danielle LW. from California
                                                             Linda K. from Ohio
                                                   Penelope S. from Washington
                                                        Shelby H. from Arkansas
                                                         Kelly W. from Canada
                                                          Kelli R. from Australia
Rachel E. from UK
.......and finally my cards. 

I also have 2 Happy Art Swap books left in my Etsy shop HERE.
     I made these books for those of you who don't have the time to make their own book.
They are $25.00 + shipping

I also made a Happy Art Swap Tutorial for all the swappers who would like to make their own book. It is only $5.00. You can find it HERE.

Thanks A Million Ladies for making this Swap AWESOME!!!!!!! 


Tessa Wyatt said...

What a fab set of work this month! Looking forward to getting mine ❤️

Oly Jacobsen said...

I'm in awe of all those wonderful artist out there!

Kelly Watts said...

Absolutely amazing!!! Wow! I think Im in love!!!! Thanks for swapping honey! You are so awesome! Are you still in Florida? I pray you are having an amazing time! Hugs and blessings

Marrianna said...

The HASwap cards are getting more beautiful each month. They are GREAT!

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