Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happy Art Swap # 9 - March

I love it when the Happy Art Swap comes around every month!!! It's one of my favorite times of the month!!!! I can't believe we have been doing this swap 9 months now....and still going strong!!!!

I love these talented Ladies sooooo much!!!!

Without further adieu.... Here are the March swap cards....

                                                               Kelly S. from Texas
                                                            Emily L. from Canada
                                                              Kelly W. from Canada
                                                           Tessa W. from Scotland
                                                                Kelli R from Australia

                                                               Sharon P from Missouri
                                                            Marrianna D from Arizona
                                                            Syda from California
                                                            Jill A from Massachusetts
                                                  Rachel E from United Kingdom
                                                           Cindy O from Arizona
                                                        Carla M from the Netherlands
                                                        Dawn P from Tennessee
                                                             Celia B from Virginia
                                                            Darlene W from Florida
                                                          Caroline B from Texas
                                                    Kathy M from New Hampshire
                                                             Kenzie K from Illinois
                                                            Kelley H from Minnesota
                                                         Danielle W from California
                                                               Rachel M from Florida
                                                       Kim H from Connecticut
                                 ...and then finally my cards.... Sandra Kaye from Arizona

Every other month instead of keeping all the extras...I have a FAVORITE PICK contest....and have Judges...(friends and family)    Go through all the cards and pick their 3 favorite cards!!!! Then those 3 Gals get their 3 cards plus a stack of the extras I would have kept.

                    This was a FAVORITE PICK month... Judge Hubby made his picks.....
                                    First winner....Rachel E from the United Kingdom
                                              Second winner..... Kelly S from Texas
                                     and the third winner was.... Kelley H from Minnesota

                                                               Congrats Ladies!!!!
                      Your cards are flying to a mail box near you with EXTRAS!!!!!

      Well, as you can see it was another GREAT month in the Happy Art Swap!!!!!
                                This swap just makes me sooooo HAPPY
                                     ....thanks again for playing ladies!!!!
                                                     Until next month!!!!


Kelly Watts said...

Wow, amazing pieces! I adore yours!!!! I fear my cards are plain in comparison. Hugs and blessings

Marianne said...

WoW ! What a great assortment ! I am so sorry I didn't play this month....won't be able to play next month either. I am watching from the sidelines hoping to get back into the game again soon.

Vario Creative Art said...

These are awesome!!! (

cucki said...

Wow they all so beautiful xxx

Lesley said...

Such beautiful cards!

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