Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy Henna

I was in Florida for 19 days this past month visiting my Mom, Sister, and Son. I found a Henna kit here at home...and took it with me to have a try at it. I don't like the permanentness of real tattoos...but, to have one that fades over a few weeks time and goes you can do or not do something different??... YES!!! That sounds like fun. I am an artist after all... Now to find a Guinea pig I kid sister:):)

here I am starting my VERY first attempt at Henna. LOL!!! Nothing like jumping in with no idea of what you are doing:):)
and YES...I am doing it template or pattern.

                                    You can see I was practicing on the table before I started:)
Here is my sister's Henna all we wait for it to dry...You have to leave it on for like 4 hours so the stain can get good and dry on your skin:)
Then I went for it on myself....
I got a little carried away.....

I even had left overs I hit my foot with it:):)

 Once the paste can flake it off...and this is what you are left with....for about 10 to 14 days.
Here we are together:)
I thought I did pretty good for my very first time:) We got stopped every where we went. Many wanted to know if we were at an Indian wedding...giggle. Wow, was I really that good at it???

IF and I mean IF.... I do it again I will put it on the underside of my as to NOT attract way to much attention:):) LOL!!! Live and learn!!!


Thistle Cove Farm said...

you did a great job but it's not for

gracie said...

Really did a nice job....

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