Saturday, April 19, 2014

Life Book 2014....weeks 1-15

 I am having a grand time with my year long class called.....Lifebook. It is run by Tamara Laporte. You can find info HERE. Tamara and a stack of other teachers are giving art lessons every week. I look forward to Mondays that is for sure:):) The following pages are made by me, and my interruption of each lesson..... Above was taught by Tamara Laporte
 week 1...Guarding artist angel.... taught by Tamara Laporte
 Week 2...Word for the year..teacher (Micki Wilde)

 week 4 "Be true to You" teacher (Kelly Hoerning)
 week 5...... teacher (Marieke Blokhand)
 week 6...."spray ink love"  teacher (Tamara Laporte)
 week 6.... "spray ink love"    teacher (Tamara Laporte)

 week 7... "Pop-Up Positive"   teacher (Jane Davenport)    this is the cover to my POP-UP
 inside my Pop-Up page
 week 8.... "The Joy of Intention"   teacher (Alena Hennessy)

 Week 10.... "Paint over Collage"  teacher ( Tamara Laporte) is the beginning of the page.

 ....and the final page....
 week 11.... Tree of Life.... teacher ( Gracie Howle)
week 11... tree of life.. teacher ( Tamara Laporte)
 week 13.... Tapping into Lifebook.... teacher (Lesley Riley) .... this angel is a transfer of a photo I took while I was in Paris last year.
 week 13..... another photo transfer of one of my photos I took in Paris..... Love how this turned out!!!
week 14.... Spring time journaling"..... teacher (Dyan Reaveley)
 week 15.... Quirky Animals.... teacher ( Tamara Laporte)
Like I said....lots and lots of FUN!!!

and I am only 15 weeks into the year....this is going to be a WONDERFUL art journal by the end of the year!!!! I will bind all of these pages into one big journal.

Go and check out the find out more about Lifebook 2014.


Nancy said...

What fun to see the variety of your art work. No wonder you love Mondays! This is just outstanding.

Im A Chickadeegirl said...

What a powerful project you are working on, one that touches the soul. I love the messages "I am enough." and the message in the first photo re art not needing to be perfect. Excellent!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Fun! Fun! Fun!
You know I love the quirky animals. ;)

Jen said...

Sandra, Your art journal work is amazing. I am behind on here and catching up and can't believe how your art passion is showcasing how talented you have grown to be.

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