Monday, June 30, 2014

Lifebook Update...2014

I am taking an online class called is a one year the end of the class, I will have a full art journal filled with lots and lots of art pages that I did through the year...these are the the last set I showed you all.

lesson 17, the teacher was Tascha Parkinson
 lesson 18, the teacher was Tamara Laporte

Lesson 19, the teacher was Danielle Daniel
Lesson 20, the teacher was Serena Bridgeman

Lesson 21, the teacher was Jenniebelle
and then...Lesson 23, the teacher was Tamara Laporte

Very happy with all my pages so far!!!
Thanks for stopping by...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New/Old Quilt update!!

I finally got all my block parts pulled all I have to do is put all the triangles together...start with the smaller triangles that then make bigger triangles. After I get the top done...I will start the applique process. 

...and I have gotten the top made for my sewing machine I need to layer it and quilt it...then add ties.

I am running like a chicken with my head cut off....from traveling, to having guests,.... I am just now stopping to play catch up on all my art projects..and things that I owe people.

Then at the end of July ...I'm off and running again...this time off to Florida to see family:):)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'm A Featured Artist:)

       Good Morning!!!! I just wanted you all to know that I am the Featured artist over on Jennibelle's Blog click HERE to go and read the interview:):) Super excited to have been chosen:):)

                                                                          Weekly Artist Interviews Held Here       

                                                            Hope you all have an awesome day:):)
                                                                            Hugs to all...Sandie

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Happy Art Swap #11- May

Hello Blog land....Welcome to the May swap and tell...

                                                          Rachel M...from Florida
                                                        Leta M....from Nevada
                                                        Emily L....from Canada
                                                        Sarah M... from Australia
                                                     Carla M.....from the Netherlands
                                                           Kelli R.....from Australia
                                                  Kathy M....from New Hampshire
                                                            Sue M....from Australia
                                                  Jill A.....from Massachusetts
                                                       Marrianna D....from Arizona
                                                             Celia B.....from Virginia
                                                         Syda H....from California
                                                              Rachel E....from UK
                                                             Shelby H....from Arkansas
                                                          Robin M.....from New York
                                                        Kelley H...from Minnesota
                                                              Tonia B....from Australia
                                                       Danielle W....from Florida
Kim H....from Connecticut
and my cards....I drew and painted each face. Everyone who traded this month received one.

This was the "Favorites Contest" month...and I had no judges to help me pick this month...but, little Zoey yipped up and said she would LOVE to help me :):)

The first winners .... Sarah M...from Australia
the second winner was Robin M...from New York

                                       the third winner was Kathy M...from New Hampshire
I am so proud of this swap...these Ladies who swap with me...are just amazing!!!
I can't believe June will be one year since I started this swap!!
Thank you sooo much Ladies for swapping

Well, thanks everyone for stopping by...
I'm off to Alaska with my family
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