Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Judy Niemeyer Quilt Retreat

      I just spent the most wonderful week in Kalispell Montana with a great group of gals....and an awesome quilt teacher.....Eileen Urbanek. We all learned how to put together the Glacier Star Pattern by Judy Niemeyer. We stayed in the Quiltworx retreat house on the Flathead Lake. (wonderful)

The views are AMAZING!!!!!!!

      We did one field trip day....and went to the quilt shop that Judy first started in. Before she became the "Judy Niemeyer". Very nice shop. And we got to tour the "Quiltworx" headquarters as well. (very cool)
                                     .....the different parts to my quilt that I worked on.....
                                                        .....coming together......
      Pam on the left working on her quilt...and Christy on the right working on hers.......Love how we all made the same quilt...but our color choices made each soooo different, and wonderful!!!!
        ...... Here you see Eileen explaining to Terri and Gwen the process of the stacked seams.....
....Terri and her quilt....Looking good....Looking good :):)

                                              .....Me working away on my quilt pieces......
                 Me and Eileen..... She is the MOST amazing Certified Instructor on the planet:):)
                                           Our group for the week.....(two missing)
       We also got an amazing show and tell....first Eileen's quilts.....she has made 80 Judy quilts:):)

                                                                       Just amazing!!!

and I will end this post with one more wonderful view from the retreat house deck....sigh.....I could sit here all day long:):) They said you can usually see the mountains really good...but there are fires in  the next state....and the smoke was hiding the views. Which makes me excited to go back again....because these views were wonderful even with the smoke.

I would recommend the retreats at Quiltworx any if you get the chance....DO!!!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Where Blogger's Create... WINNERS!!!'s about time I got back around to announcing my "Where Blogger's Create" winners:):) I have been one busy traveling lady ever since the Studio tour on Karen's blog. I have just come home from Montana...and I went through all the wonderful comments left for me on that post, and picked my Mixed Media winner and Quilty winner:):)
The winner of the mixed media  prize is...... Rita Barakat !!!

and the winner of my Quilty friend give-a-way is ...... Nancy Reinke from A Joyful Cottage.

These are your presents Ladies:):) So, send me your home addresses...and I will package them up and send them on to you:):)

Thanks to everyone for leaving wonderful comments on my blog about my studio....

Much love...Sandie

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Update On My New/Old quilt

This is how far I have gotten on my New/Old quilt. I pieced together my Judy Niemeyer quilt.... "Pepper-dish". I need to do appliqued flowers all around the yellow parts....I haven't started working on that yet. I just got back from a 3 week trip to my hometown. 

....and tomorrow...(I'm soo excited!!!) I fly to Montana to my very first Judy Niemeyer Quilt Retreat!!! She is not teaching this class (Judy) ...but one of her amazing CI's . (certified instructors)
But, I will be staying at the Quiltworxs compound!!!!

I am starting my very first "Glacier Star" quilt. I am doing this first one the original size...60x60. But they have add-on papers you can buy to turn this pattern into a queen size I will do another for my bed later:):)

I have not done any thing on my Old quilt...(sewing machine cover) But I will get to it when I get back.

I will be picking my 2 winners for my "Where Blogger's Create" give-a-way today...and getting their packages ready to mail. Stay tuned:):)

Thanks for stopping by....
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