Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I'm Teaching My First online class

I am so excited to tell ya'll... that I am teaching my very first online class. It's over on Instagram. 
Class started this morning...and the ladies are already having a blast!!!
This morning they are working on their covers.
A bit of collage.
A bit of paint.

Then lots of mark making!!!

So, much fun!!!! They are all learning how to make art journals:):)

That's what I am up to today....
thanks for stopping by:)


Linda in Calif. said...

Well, I'm not surprised you are teaching a class - that I totally expected. But on Instagram? I didn't realize you could. How cool is that?

Marlynne said...

Congratulation on the class Sandie! How far away are you now from Karen Valentine?

Veronica Reynolds said...

Dear Sandra, How do I join your journal class on Instagram? I would love to play along. Thanks Vicky R at v.reynolds@tesco.net

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