Saturday, February 28, 2015

Antiquing With Firends

  Hello Blog Friends! Dropping in to tell you about a super fun weekend I had with a couple of IG friends...Darlene, Becky and I went to the Rennigher's Antique Extravaganza in Orlando, Florida!!! So, much FUN!!!

There was miles of booths like this...after 8 hours we only got through 1/3 of it.

At one point we came across a guy and his wife selling these...totally bought one!!! Perfect!!!

LOL!!! Becky and Darlene stood at this table filled with thousands of little stuff rummaging through for a long time....I sat on a bench near by...I was getting pretty tired by this point:)

With my new diet...Gluten-free I'm finding it hard to find things out side my house with no wheat in it...these were...and boy were they yummy. Mashed corn on the cob...that she tossed on a skillet and flipped into pancakes...then stuck mozzarella cheese in between and cooked until melted cheese. I split one with one of the girls..... yummy:):)

You know I came home with some of these;):)

My heart went pitter-patter when I came across all this Fiesta ware!!!

We had our hands and baskets full...and wallets were empty. It was time to find a sit down restaurant and relax.
Totally EXHAUSTED friends!!! It was a great day!!!

Thanks for stopping in:):)

Monday, February 16, 2015

China Hutch Completed

 I have this china hutch that I have wanted to paint really I did!!!
Annie Sloan chalk paint to the rescue....

I left the insides alone.

Then I went back in with a sander and sanded the mess out of it!!!...that's my favorite part:):)

I LOVE the color...and I love the distressed look....very shabby with a pop of color...which is so is the final piece all done
I hung this very old plates above it...given to me by Karen Valentine. Love how the gold in the plates goes with the gold in the fixtures of the hutch :) 

  I Love Love Love the final look of the piece and the space!!!! 

Now I just need to finish my chairs around the table....and this space will be complete:)

The house is really coming together:)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Art Office Mostly Completed!!

 This lovely room WAS supposed to be my guest room. Technically it still is I guess....there is a daybed with 2 mattresses. But, I just ran out of room for ALL my art stuff...and it just had to go some where right?! I needed a place to put my printer, packaging for orders, art books, ephemera books, and my ever growing stamp collection. So, waste not want not....didn't someone say that once? 
The walls got painted a nice happy yellow...and up went fun twinkly lights.
I found the desk at the Good Will for 20 bucks. I plan on decoupaging the top of it...someday:) The art over the window is from the Happy Art Swap that I host. Over my desk is my inspiration board it is filled with gifts and cards from friends and family...things that make me happy as I look at them:)

The only place in my house I could find to put my stamps:)

I have some walls to fill with my art work or that of friends. And I need to make my pillows for the daybed. Bella would agree:):) lol!!! A few little tweaks here and there...and this room will be done.

The house is shaping up nicely!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Gelli Plating With Roben-Marie Smith

Several months ago......I had the absolute pleasure to take a class from Roben-Marie Smith...if you see a class from her..... YOU MUST TAKE IT!!!! She was just to much fun:):)

I recently made a new art friend.... Becky... and she drove to Daytona with me so we could meet and take Roben-Marie's class.

...yummy papers lining the floor.......

...LOL!!!! Can you tell which hand is mine? Well, those who know me...know I'm the messy hands kinda girl!!!  The other hands...(after spending just as much time as me playing)...are Becky's!!! Such nice clean hands!! LOL!!!!

Roben-Marie doing a fun demo for us....

I made this folder to hold all my gelli-plate papers in :)  Actually...Roben-Marie made the folders for us before class...and I decorated it and made it mine:)

Yumminess....all kinds of papers I made. 

I even got to meet one of my IG friends in person. She was taking the class as well. (Darlene Winters) It was a pleasure to meet and have lunch with her and her friend Jane.

Just an all around wonderful day.

Thanks for stopping by....

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Canvas For My House

I really had the itch to make a nice big canvas painting for my house. All I had rolling around in my brain was....circles, pinks, oranges, yellows, and red..... So, lets see what happens...

....adding ephemera....

...adding paint....
I just kept adding circles within circles....

....doodle time.....I got out my sharpie and added more circles....

What happened was an easy cool splatter of a color wave I rarely use.

Absolutely LOVE it :):)

...and now it is hanging in my dining room:):)

Thanks for popping in...let me know what you think:):)
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