Thursday, February 12, 2015

Art Office Mostly Completed!!

 This lovely room WAS supposed to be my guest room. Technically it still is I guess....there is a daybed with 2 mattresses. But, I just ran out of room for ALL my art stuff...and it just had to go some where right?! I needed a place to put my printer, packaging for orders, art books, ephemera books, and my ever growing stamp collection. So, waste not want not....didn't someone say that once? 
The walls got painted a nice happy yellow...and up went fun twinkly lights.
I found the desk at the Good Will for 20 bucks. I plan on decoupaging the top of it...someday:) The art over the window is from the Happy Art Swap that I host. Over my desk is my inspiration board it is filled with gifts and cards from friends and family...things that make me happy as I look at them:)

The only place in my house I could find to put my stamps:)

I have some walls to fill with my art work or that of friends. And I need to make my pillows for the daybed. Bella would agree:):) lol!!! A few little tweaks here and there...and this room will be done.

The house is shaping up nicely!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!


Nancy said...

Nice job on this space. I'm sure any guest would be happy in this room and enjoy all that is there to look at. And you now have the additional storage for your "stuff", which we all need!

Connie said...

Good Morning Sandra, I love your room. That yellow paint makes it such a happy place and it compliments your colorful art very well. Great stamp collection, too, they look very nice on your pretty white shelves :) Oh, and your Goodwill desk, it is wonderful . . . I like that it is a bit quirky. . . that adds to the whimsy of your room and makes it fun.
Have a happy day!
Connie :)

gracie said...

Well hello ...I love what you are creating in your new place.

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