Monday, March 23, 2015

Art Friends in the Studio

I was super excited to show off my new house and studio with my friends I went to see in the Caymans. They decided to take time out of their very busy schedule and stopped at my home town and had a visit. Above Emily is working on her large canvas...while my Zoey -girl is snuggling.

Here...Carol wanted to see just how big baby Bella has gotten....and well, she is!!! As big as Carol.  You just can't come into this house and NOT get smothered in poodle kisses :0)

I just LOVE seeing my studio filled with peoples!!!!!! LOL!!!! Makes me so HAPPY!!! Carol, Becky (who came over to meet the sisters) , and Emily all arting and visiting.

Emily giving Becky a lesson in Mandala drawing.

Becky holding Daisy, Emily holding Zoey, and Carol.

Emily took this picture...of Becky and I chatting while she was doodling.

Love this picture...Bella just wanting some love....let me love you Ms. Emily...please!!!!

working at filling her canvas up...

Emily is soooo freaking good at these mandalas and fantasy flowers!!!!!
Then we ended the night with a Sister-date...We scooped up my kid sister on the right...and went to a restaurant on the ocean. Which we then went for a very lovely walk after dinner:):)
Carol, Me, Emily, and Denise
Jacksonville Beach, Florida

The entire trip was just amazing...from visiting the sisters at their Cayman home, to them following me home and playing in my studio, and then our Sister double date :0)

Art friends are the best to have!!!! Love ALL my artsy friends!!!!


Kim said...

Your poodles are beautiful. They are such a great breed. I miss my little Millie girl

Connie said...

What a cool and happy post! Love the art, love the dogs and you are right . . . artful friends are the most fun.

Nancy said...

What a happy scene, with the Poodles right in the mix. I love the canvas, and looka like progress was made on it during the visit.

Marlynne said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! Your new studio is beautiful!

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