Saturday, May 30, 2015

Finished Quilt Top!!!

I finished my "Golden Harvest" quilt top....pattern by Judy Niemeyer!!!! Hoot Hoot!!!!! Super excited!!! I made the back ....then went and handed it over to a Longarmer...who will add her magic touch to it!! Can't wait to get it back and see what she did to it:) Will be sure to post a pic:):)

Have a super weekend!!! 

Monday, May 25, 2015

New Ephemera Painting

I am inspired by some many wonderful artists on Instagram. This new canvas was created after seeing what my wonderful friend Emily Lagore was doing on IG. She was painting flowers and doodling on them. I was so enthralled with her what she was doing....I pulled out a canvas and began this project.

First layer....old music sheets, and old short hand pages.

then added paint

then went in and added sharpie doodles

I even paint over the edges when I do a canvas...framing is I take my art over the edges so it looks cool too...and I don't have to frame :0)

All done and very Happy!!!

Thanks for stopping by......Have an awesome day :0)

Saturday, May 23, 2015

My Poodle Pack

My sweet little Daisy cuddling with me on the couch.

LOL!!! When I started baby talking to her...the other two heard me and came running...they wanted in on the loving as well. 

(fyi... Zoey and Daisy are on the couch with me, and my Bella girl is standing on her feet next to the couch. This gives you a good idea on how big she really is:):)

I very rarely can get these girls in the same I love it when I can do that.

Okay girls...there is not enough room in this bed for all of who is getting off the bed? Any volunteers??

My constant Art companions.... (Daisy and Zoey)

My grand Bella... those legs.... so long and gorgeous :0)

I Love my girls! They bring such joy to my life. I just can't imagine a life without a few poodles in it.

Thank for stopping by... Poodle kisses!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mixed Media Girl Faces

        I've been making faces for my friends are a few of them for you to see..enjoy:)

                                       The girl below was put into a journal for my friend Sharon.

The girl below..... I did for my friend Sarah in Australia.

And then this final girl I did for my friend Angela....

 One of these days...I need to make a few girls for myself....LOL!!! I seem to give them all away:)

Hope you enjoyed seeing my mixed media girls:):)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Making Her First Quilt

I am having a grand time teaching my good friend Becky how to quilt. She is making a "Turning Twenty Quilt".


Great layout on the dining room floor.

Putting her last border on .....
She did such a great job!!! I'm so proud of her!

Now we make the back and pin baste the layers together.

I really enjoy teaching the different arts and crafts that I know. It is sooo much FUN:):)

Thanks for stopping by

Friday, May 8, 2015

3 Generation Painting

I decided I wanted a 3 generation painting with my Mother and my I got them to work on a canvas with me.

They both looked at me and said..."I can't paint" I laughed and said "Yes you can!" When I explained to them that we were NOT going to make an object...we were just going to make marks and splotches...they both relaxed and jumped in to try :0)
So, we each picked 3 colors and played...then we switched places.

This is were we stopped mark making and started to block out a subject.

My Mom loves I drew a simple butterfly and we blocked out the outsides so all the cool marks we made would pop out on the wings.
and here we are with the finished canvas....3 generations.

This is going to be a treasured memory with my family.

Thanks for stopping by :0)

Friday, May 1, 2015

The 100 Days Project

I have joined in the fun with the "100 days project" that is floating around on Instagram. For 100 days you pick a subject and make art for 100 days. So, I decided to do 100 ATCs....and here are the first 19 days.

Thanks for stopping by....every 20 or so ATCs I will post an update for you.
Or you can follow my Instagram feed and see them daily.
I have an Instagram button on the right side of this blog....
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