Saturday, May 23, 2015

My Poodle Pack

My sweet little Daisy cuddling with me on the couch.

LOL!!! When I started baby talking to her...the other two heard me and came running...they wanted in on the loving as well. 

(fyi... Zoey and Daisy are on the couch with me, and my Bella girl is standing on her feet next to the couch. This gives you a good idea on how big she really is:):)

I very rarely can get these girls in the same I love it when I can do that.

Okay girls...there is not enough room in this bed for all of who is getting off the bed? Any volunteers??

My constant Art companions.... (Daisy and Zoey)

My grand Bella... those legs.... so long and gorgeous :0)

I Love my girls! They bring such joy to my life. I just can't imagine a life without a few poodles in it.

Thank for stopping by... Poodle kisses!


Mary said...

I've never had a poodle, but I do love my dogs!

Linda in Calif. said...

They are really cute together. So have you taught them to jump through hoops and over one another - you know circus acts? I taught my terriers to sit in a line together and to stand on their hind feet and twirl together.

Cornelia Bird said...

I am a poodle lover! I am searching for a chocolate toy poodle. Do you know any good breeders?
Thank you,
Cornelia Bird

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