Monday, May 25, 2015

New Ephemera Painting

I am inspired by some many wonderful artists on Instagram. This new canvas was created after seeing what my wonderful friend Emily Lagore was doing on IG. She was painting flowers and doodling on them. I was so enthralled with her what she was doing....I pulled out a canvas and began this project.

First layer....old music sheets, and old short hand pages.

then added paint

then went in and added sharpie doodles

I even paint over the edges when I do a canvas...framing is I take my art over the edges so it looks cool too...and I don't have to frame :0)

All done and very Happy!!!

Thanks for stopping by......Have an awesome day :0)


Marlynne said...

Very Nice Sandy! Fun to try new things!

Natacha said...

Hi Sandie,

This painting makes me feel happy!
Perhaps I am going to try to do a project like this with my daughter.

Have a wonderful day,

Natacha (from Luxembourg)

Jen said...

Sandra I loved seeing your painting in stages. It looks amazing.
Enjoyed seeing your poodles .I am not on here as often as I like so missed seeing them earlier. So cute.

Marrianna said...

You're a wonderful artist. This is great!

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