Thursday, June 25, 2015

My First Art Retreat

I held my very first Art Retreat in my house last weekend!!! I absolutely loved having artsy friends come and play for the weekend!!!! Studio is all cleaned and ready .....

Every time my guests showed up I took them to the "Happy Potty" for a photo :o) 
This Is Kelley
Here we have all squeezed in to the "Happy Potty"...hehe... (from left to right) Kelley, Darlene, Becky, and myself. 
Let the FUN begin :o)
Of course, you can't visit my house and not be shadowed by my poodles....Here my Bella wanted to see what Kelley was up to.

Kelley's work space.

I made a new fold-out journal...with this paper...Yum!!!!
My work space.... Decided to make a Common-place book to use some of the old vintage papers I've been hoarding.
Darlene shared with us how she inks up lace, ribbons, and velvet with Dylusion sprays.
Here is a picture of my results from coloring seam binding.

Darlene has a snuggle moment with Zoey. (and they were photo bombed)

Darlene and I played a game...we worked on two canvas'. For 2 songs on the radio...then we swapped, worked for 2 songs, then we you can see some of the steps.

When we decided we were done we stopped......we now both have a canvas made by us both...a wonderful treasure for sure.... above is my finished canvas.
Went to dinner on our the last night of the retreat at Joe's Crab Shack on the beach.
(we missed Kelley for this meal....she had family come in, and couldn't be there...she was missed)

Becky, Darlene, and I went for a walk on the beach!!!.

All in all it was a perfect ending to a wonderful weekend!!!
Super excited to know my house can handle small retreats!!!
Now, I'm off to plan some more :o)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Quilting My Days Away...

     Still plugging along on my "Crumb" quilt. I put the red sashing on...while I watched a bunch of Disney classics....LOVE the music in these movies :o)

Was making Bow ties for another quilt...but I decided they would look great wrapped around this quilt as an inside border:)
Yes....but, I hit a wee snag...and it just doesn't fit all the way around right!!!! I will just have to get creative and figure out a way....cause I DON"T like to un-sew.
Had extra crumb blocks and decided to make a quilted cover for my "Quilt Ideas" journal.
Quilting it up :o)

....and finished!!!! I just love that word....FINISHED....I don't say that enough ..LOL!!! :o)

Went antique shopping with friends a few weeks ago...and look what we found!!! This beautiful hand pieced Hexie top.

**WARNING** ...some violent discussion is about to ensue...


We all 3 wanted it...and agreed to split the cost...IF I would cut it up....I know don't shoot me....but I did it...and I will let you know it took me 3 days to get up the courage to do it!!! ..and I believe one tear was shed...just one :o)

But, now we all have some..and we can make fun stuff with our pieces. I will post when I make something:)

I leave you today with a picture to bring you back to your happy place...cuteness from my big girl :o)

"I promise Mommy...I will be a good girl!!!"

LOL!!!! she is my good (big) here to pieces.

Thanks for stopping by....

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Happy Potty this moment are thinking...What??? What is a Happy Potty?? Well, I'm glad you asked....I decided to turn my tiny little guest potty into a WALK-IN-CANVAS.
That's right...I want my guests to be able to walk into a Sandra Kaye art piece...or is it a piece of my mind...? LOL!!!

So, this simple little 3 foot by 4 foot bathroom...with just a potty, sink, and mirror...are in for a huge...or rude awakening:):)

Let's get started!!

I am only using craft paint from my studio...I am seriously going to NEED more paint!!!!

Adding doodles

Now its time for some Sharpie fun!!! Adding the black outlines to everything makes it all pop!!!
I got this wall done!!! I was able to put the mirror back up :o)

Black Sharpie makes it so much better!!!

I even signed it under the sink...I put the date on it...because I WILL GET IT DONE THIS YEAR!!!!

I have always wanted to paint a wall in my house that was just so ME. But it was NEVER good for resale value :(    Well...because I decided that I am NOT moving again...I'm doing what I want with this house!! It will be a problem for my Boys to handle later down the road.....not me.
HA!!! :o)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Roledex Art Swaps

I bought this older Junior Rolodex from I could fill it up with fun art ... there are lots of people trading them on the I set out to find some swappers.... and now my Rolodex is filling up with yumminess!!

When my little Rolodex fills up I will stop swapping...and have a wonderful art piece on my desk:)

You should try it...its very fun and addicting.
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