Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Roledex Art Swaps

I bought this older Junior Rolodex from I could fill it up with fun art ... there are lots of people trading them on the I set out to find some swappers.... and now my Rolodex is filling up with yumminess!!

When my little Rolodex fills up I will stop swapping...and have a wonderful art piece on my desk:)

You should try it...its very fun and addicting.


Nancy said...

Oh I can certainly see why it's addicting- these are just wonderful. All that color and texture. yum.

Marrianna said...

I'm delighted to see the roladex filled with the wonderful artwork. What a treasure you have. And your own roladex cards are fantastic, as always. I like this way of having small pieces of art for display. I can never find ways to display my ATCs so I hardly ever make any of them and have only done a few swaps over the years.

Hugs, Marrianna

Linda in Calif. said...

Oh I see. It took me a while to figure out what the roladex was. I have one of those at work that one thrown in a drawer. What wonderful designs and what fun to do a swap.

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