Monday, August 17, 2015

Pets On Quilts 2015

    Welcome to my blog....Today I am linking up with Pets on Parade with Lily Pad Quilting
This is where we as quilters do our best to get our wiggly pets to hold still long enough to get a photo of them on a quilt...that we usually shoo them off of. (which I am sure has the wee ones confused :0)
So, here are my babies on the only quilt that I'm working on at the moment.
... I have joined in on the Tumbler QAL with Bonnie Hunter. Before my surgery I cut out over 1000 tumbler blocks...and have slowly been piecing it together.
As I am stuck on my couch...the photo shoot happened right here on my lap...hehe :0)

First up..... my little Daisy
Second up.... Zoey....(she is Daisy's can see Daisy photo bombing her Momma :0)
And lastly my BIG girl... Bella.

As for me...I am still on the couch...It has been 5 weeks since my surgery. I am doing well. But I am still in the "No Walking Zone". I can't start walking again for another 7 weeks. My sewing machine is right here next to me...and I try and sew for a bit every day. My art journals are laying next to me as well. 
Can't keep an artist from making art...or snuggling with her poodles :0)

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Art Journal Peeks

Hello all...I am still recuperating here on my couch. Doing pretty good....except there are days I think I will go nuts. I have only left the house twice. Looking forward to the days when I can get up and go when ever I feel like it.
All the following pages have been done while sitting on my couch these last 4 weeks.
Enjoy :0)

I really love playing in my art journals. This journal is almost full. Time to make another:):)
Thanks for stopping by....

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

EPP Plus Tutorial part 1 I thought I would share a quick tutorial on how I do English Paper Piecing. I had a few requests for this tutorial after my last post on the PLUS project I have started... I found the template that I am using over on ... Mollie's blog...Wild Olive
I decided to use my highly cherished Liberty of London fabric stash.
I downloaded this template from Mollie on her blog HERE.

Here is my little tin that I use to hold all my pieces in one place.

Let's get started...This is how I go about EPP. 
Step 1.... Cut out your fabric large enough to go all the way around your template.

Step 2... Thread a needle and knot the end. I sew the fabric to the template. 
  Get all four shapes made.

Step 3... Take 2 pieces and RST (right sides together) ... Make tiny whip stitches down the side...connecting the 2 pieces.

Make your stitches small enough and you can't see them. 

TIP... Occasionally you will need to change color threads...light thread for light fabric...and dark thread for dark fabrics. 

You should now have 2 sections that look like this.

Step 4... Put both sections together (RST) ...and whip stitch again.

When you are should have a cross.

TIP... at this time you will leave all the papers in place. You can't remove the papers until all the sides have been whipped stitched, or the fabric will lose it's shape. To remove the paper just clip the basting stitches that you see in the above photo.
In this photo you can see how they are going to interlock together. You have to be careful of color value or your cross shape will NOT appear.

I have made 25 so far...and plan on waiting until I have made 100 before I start to put them together. To make sure I can separate the crosses that look a lot alike. 

Hope this helps those out who asked for this tutorial.

This is a couch project that I am working on while I am in "Couch Prison"...hehe :0)

If you are on Instagram the hash-tag  for this pattern is #EPP and #EPPPLUS

On a healing Note...
I'm doing well....quilting....doodling....poodle and Netflix watching as well.

Thanks for stopping by....

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