Friday, September 25, 2015

Jacksonville Quiltfest 2015

Went to the Quilt show here in town this weekend. Here are some of the quilts that stood out for me.

Momma went with me...and she loves butterflies...and looked at me and said..."You need to make me a quilt like that" LOL!!!

Then I went shopping...and this both has my pillow as a sample. It was cool to turn the corner and see my pillow sitting there. It is the swoon pillow block you see in the corner.

Bob and Lynn are just the coolest, sweetest, Quilt shop owners ever!! They own Country Crossroads.
And then there was my quilt!!!! It was so weird to see it hanging in the winners circle.
Two for Me, and one for the gal how quilted it...Terri Lore.

Had to take that selfie....LOL!!!!

Momma said.."My turn!" She was very happy to see it...and was very proud of her baby girl!!.

It was a very fun yet exhausting day... I have been couch bound for 12 weeks. I went on my knee scooter. My knee right now is under ice.

But it was worth every second.
So, much fun!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Butterflies and Lace

I took a mini class from Melody Ross over on the Brave Girls Club. She had these print outs of plain butterflies. And she encouraged us to dress them up...well I did!! LOL...I Sandiefied them all.... :0)

Plain little butterfly 
Not any more :0)
I cut into my vintage/new laces, and doilies... and found bits and pieces to add to each butterfly.
...and went to town painting.

It took several days...but was loads of fun.

The words I used for each one are characters I want to strengthen in my life. 
They turned out so fun and colorful!!! I just love them.

Thanks for stopping by...Have a Blessed day

Monday, September 7, 2015

House Update

Hello...hope you are all having a smashing great day :0) 
Today I thought I would put up some photos of my new house. And the things that I have been doing to it. Lots and lots of Annie Sloan was bought and used!!! I have shared a lot of these photos on IG...but not here for the blog.
Enjoy :0)
I will start with my obsession with old wooden frames!!! I have been collecting for awhile now. I finally decided to hang them up...

Layering them inside of each other...just makes me sooo happy :0)

The framed painting on the left I got at a consignment shop for 10.00...I was expecting to remove the painting...but decided to keep it. The frame on the right I painted and added a chalk board to it...It is my note keeper.

I have been looking for a large clock for my Family room forever !!!! I did not expect to find it a Walmart. The outside was dark brown...I added AS and then distressed it.
The back was clear I had to glue Kaffe fabric on the plastic so you could see the numbers. (My walls are cream and the numbers are cream)
I found this coffee table at a garage sale as well. It is pretty dirty here...and a little to I hit it with!!! (told you I used lots of that paint)

 I wanted a table I dug into my vintage doilies stash. The 3 in the middle are brand new...but I had a problem.... I didn't want to waste good doilies on a section that would never be seen under the tray I found. So I saved the real old ones for the outsides.

Bought all my chairs at garage sales or consignment...super cheap. Of course....I Annie Sloaned them all. 
Then took my FAVORITE fabric line and covered them. (Kaffe Fassest) Each chair got a different color.

Both sides are done...for whatever reason I forgot to take a photo of the other side. :0)
Our Bedroom so far.... Haven't done much here...was saving it for last. I have a big pile of antiuqes laying all around and stuffed under the bed. One day I will work on this room. 

I had to hit this bottom step with Annie Sloan as well. In the dark you couldn't see the last step...and we have all falling a couple of times.  Now we can see in the dark...that there is one more step.

And finally the family room. I took all the little stuff down on the shelves on the much was going on. Not sure about the art work. (made by Me) May take it all down and do something different. 

It's a wait and see game now. If it starts to bug me..I will change it.

I have lots more to do...but as I am couch bound at the moment it will all have to wait.

I am up to 22 pieces that I have hit with the Annie Sloan chalk paint. LOVE that stuff!!
On the right of my blog is a Studio can see the really big pieces that I painted there.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. 

Much love...

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Still Here...New Journal Made

   Hello Everyone...Just popping in to say HI. I have been recovering from ankle surgery 7 weeks ago now. Still in the "No walking" phase. Which I have to say is driving me nuts!!! At the end of the month I find out if I can walk again. (fingers crossed) that I have gotten my whining out of the!!!! :0)     Let me show you what I made recently.... A new journal.
Painting my seam binding.

And my lace bits.

Inside pocket for a tag with info about me and the journal.

Other side of inside journal. Kind of like an Author page if you will.

Yep...pretty happy with it.
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods :0)
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