Friday, September 25, 2015

Jacksonville Quiltfest 2015

Went to the Quilt show here in town this weekend. Here are some of the quilts that stood out for me.

Momma went with me...and she loves butterflies...and looked at me and said..."You need to make me a quilt like that" LOL!!!

Then I went shopping...and this both has my pillow as a sample. It was cool to turn the corner and see my pillow sitting there. It is the swoon pillow block you see in the corner.

Bob and Lynn are just the coolest, sweetest, Quilt shop owners ever!! They own Country Crossroads.
And then there was my quilt!!!! It was so weird to see it hanging in the winners circle.
Two for Me, and one for the gal how quilted it...Terri Lore.

Had to take that selfie....LOL!!!!

Momma said.."My turn!" She was very happy to see it...and was very proud of her baby girl!!.

It was a very fun yet exhausting day... I have been couch bound for 12 weeks. I went on my knee scooter. My knee right now is under ice.

But it was worth every second.
So, much fun!!!


Nancy said...

So glad you got out to the quilt show! I'm sure you paid a price for it, but it was a wonderful show as always. Congrats on your ribbon. I was pretty sure I didn't "need" anything, and yet I came home from our bus trip there with plenty!

Julianne said...

Yay! So glad that you got out of the house, congrats on your win for your beautiful quilt! Love it!

Marlynne said...

A Big Congratulations! I can just imagine how happy you are!

SG said...

Congrats on the quilt, it is gorgeous! I'm glad you could go out to see it there!

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