Saturday, October 31, 2015

"Allietore" Mystery Quilt

I am super excited about the new Quiltville Mystery Quilt 2015. Ms. Bonnie released the colors today. Click HERE to find out about this FREE mystery quilt that Bonnie puts out every year the day after Thanksgiving.

I went straight to my stash and pulled all that I had that went. I need a few more blacks. And lots of grey. (that is not my favorite I never have it) Wondering if I replaced this color with green....would my quilt have a Christmas color theme? I think I would like that. Still deciding.

Update on my tumbler quilt. The bottom seven rows need to be pressed and added to the bottom of the quilt. And I am still in the NO WALKING :0(

I got a CT scan hopefully next week the Doc will say...YES??? you may now walk. toes crossed....

Monday, October 26, 2015

Butterfly Mom

I made my Mom a butterfly canvas for her birthday.

She has always had a love for butterflies for as long as I can remember.
 She has never really been a fan of animals...I think they just seem to scare her a little to much. (of course you bring out a baby animal...and she melts completely. In her mind this is just a baby and it won't hurt she is always happy to hold and love on infant animals) 
It's really funny to watch my poodles over the years try and convince my Mom that they are nice and won't hurt her...but she just shoos them away. My older poodle will lay on the couch about 10 inches away from Mom ....and little by little scoot closer and closer to my Mom. Eventually Zoey will make it right up close to Mom's leg. But as long as she doesn't lick Mom or wiggle to much she is allowed to stay. My younger poodles don't have the patience for that...LOL!!!!

Because of this fear....she has settled her animal love on the butterfly...I think because they are quiet, soft and light...and so very pretty in color that they don't scare her at all.  Once she came to see me in Arizona and I took her to a butterfly exhibit and she just smiled the entire time she was there. She sat on a rock and just watched and waited to see if someone would land on her. It made my heart happy to watch her so content in that exhibit. 
I recently made 4 small butterfly canvas' for myself ....and decided for her birthday I would make the same type of butterfly for her. 

Happy Birthday Mom....Love you bunches.

Thanks for stopping by my blog to see what I'm up to.

 Please have a BLESSED day

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cayman Journal

As you may recall...I took this journal to the Cayman Islands with me for my week stay. When I left home it was white.
Emily had two photos that I could play with....that were taken from her backyard. I put them on the front and back. Then added paint to the edges.

My goal for this journal is to take it with me every time i go...and add photos, ephemera, and art play in it.

The journal is filled with mixed papers from vintage books to new books. The above sea turtle was done on a atlas page.

Each page will get worked on over time. The above page now has baby sea turtle photos all over it.... with the doodles peeking out.   No hurry to finish this journal. I have 3 trips now of photos to add....and more in the future I am sure.

Thanks for stopping by... 

Friday, October 16, 2015

A Better View

 Hello... I am writing this post refreshed and Happy. My very good friend Emily asked me if I wanted to change my couch view from mine to hers. Well....since I knew she was currently in her Cayman Island house...I answered with a resounding YES!!! I have been recovering from ankle surgery for the last 12 weeks...and let me tell ya... it is REALLY starting to get on my nerves!!!!!!! It is hard having to depend on people for everything. (As I am sure its hard on them too)

So, off to the Cayman Islands I went for one week. I was curious as to how well airports treated the handicap...because that was the only way I was getting there. They did awesome. I had a wheelchair waiting for me at every corner :0)
I am still in the NO Walking zone!  :0(
Yep....way better views than my couch...LOL!!!! 

Morning breakfast on the back porch. 
Emily and her daughter took me to Starfish Point. Apparently many of the large starfish come in to sun in the shallows...we only saw 3 at this visit. With my water shoes on and crutches I went right in so I could get close. 
They were so tickley!! LOL!!! Their little suckers were all over my fingers.
A couple days later Emily took me to Rum Point!!! Love this place!! Great food, water to play in,  music, chairs to soak up the sun on, and amazing views. 
We even got our traditional Mudslides!!!  We never go to Rum Point and NOT get one!! Yum!!!
Emily even took me to the Dolphin Cove. No not to swim with the dolphins....(how I wish) But, she had heard that they had amazing birds there to see. Of course when we got there...they were to far away for me to crutch to.  But, the people there were so nice...they said, "We will bring some of them to you."
And I had a lovely visit with bunches of birds and (scary) iguanas. LOL!!! They were huge and crawling all over the place. Slightly freaked me out!!!

I worked on my Cayman Island journal I made for all the trips I have taken here ...and all the ones to come. I will only bring it from now on. Its hard dragging tons of stuff every time. When I came these covers were white. The photos used on the front and back...are photos of the backyard to this AMAZING house!!!
Me...stress free and relaxed :0)

I really DIDN'T want to go home....sigh

But I did. 

Next post I will show you what I've been doing in the journal.

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