Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thankful Day


It is my wish that you all have a wonderful BLESSED day...may it be filled with LOVE and laughter.

And may God bless you and keep you.

From my family to yours

Monday, November 23, 2015

A Bit of Collage

Started working on my collage book again. The above pages are just several layers...with several more to go. Can't finish a page with out doodles :0)
Finished this page.
Old papers, magazines cut outs, paint, and doodles.


Monday, November 16, 2015

A Day in the Life of Sandra Kaye

   So today I did a "Day in the Life of Me"...over on Instagram ....I have questions all the time... How do you get so much done? Do you sleep? Do you eat? Well....I am a firm believer in "one bite at a time"... I do little bits of lots of different things in one day. (mostly because I can get bored!!!) So, for today's post I thought I would show you all a glimpse into my art filled life.
 7:45 am- My days always start with poodle snuggles....hehe

8:00am-- Soaking bottle trees in bleach.
8:15am Cleaning cubby 
Poodles checking on Mommy....They are confused by me being in the garage...hehe!!!

Rinsing trees!!!

8:45am  trees are coming along


Back to cleaning cubby again. art studio working my collage pile...and organizing it better.

All done!!! 1:00pm

Cleaned up my art desk :O) 1:15pm

Finished my purge from the other day... Boxes headed to trash!!  1;25pm

Checked the mail box..and got fun Happy mail. Bonnie Hunter quilt book and my prize from a give-a-way I collage kit!!!

Lunch 1:45pm

Snuggle and rest time

Back to working on the cubby

2:50 pm back up in art studio getting my swap packages ready...and my give-a-way packs for the contest I ran on Instagram (which is now over)

I gave these away for those who could answer the questions right and first. That was lots of fun!!!

3:55pm I found myself in the quilt studio working on my butterfly mini.

Poodle potty break!!!

4:10pm...  Stopping art to cut my nieces hair!!!

5:00pm I stopped to explain the Give a way and stretch my shoulders from quilting.

5:35 finished quilting my butterfly.

5:45pm rinsed and finished my bottle trees. That one in the middle was very stubborn!!! Now they need to dry.

6:00 pm.... I finally finished cleaning the cubby. Now trying to decide if I will paint it....HMMM????

There was a feeding frenzy on IG over this fun giveaway!!! All the followers had to do was go back into my feed and tell me what I was doing at a certain time of the day!

And the first one to give me the right answer ...WON!!!
Daisy was trying sooo hard to be first!!! and she made it on the last photo! She sent me this photo of how she did it....LOL!!!!  

She took notes of my day.....LOLOLOLOL!!!! She replied to my question within seconds!!!This made me laugh sooo hard!!!

This was a fun day for me.... and I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my art life.
Not ever day is like this...some days I stay in my pj's, read, or take nap with my poodles.

But...I do stuff everyday...and eventually stuff gets done...but it looks like I'm getting tons of stuff done..when really I have been working on things over several days.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Scrappy Happy

Today I am showing some of my scrappy happy moments that I have been up to the last few days. I'm also hooking this post up with She Can Quilt...and Scrap Tuesdays........
Above I got back to working on my sewing machine cover. Quilted, bound, and doing its job....Yeah!!!!

There is no pattern. I just made a rectangle quilt...and added ribbon ties on the side. Easy Peasy!!! Love how it turned out. And I used up some scraps!!!!

Then before I got back to the BIG projects I decided to dump my scrap bag (that sits under my desk) and make a mini quilt I have had on my wish list. It's a paper pieced butterfly from Nicole over at Lillyella . You can find her patterns HERE .
All measure 18 inches across. Love it!!!! Now to quilt it and add it to my Quilt Studio wall.

Be sure to check out the other blogs showing off their scrappy projects....HERE.

Health note *
I'm walking!!!! Yeah!! Praise God!!! I can only walk in the house...but I'll take it. I get stronger each day...and one day (hopefully soon) I can drive again!!! 

Thanks for all your warm wishes for my recovery...they meant the world to me!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Glacier Star Update

I have finally gotten the bug to pull my Glacier Star quilt out of the UFO pile and start working on it again. I went to Montana to the retreat house out there with the Judy Niemeyer crew.  Lots of fun ...and the CI Eileen Urbanek was my teacher. She is a pure delight to be around for sure. The country side and lake were just breath taking. Thoroughly enjoyed myself.  As I love paper was great to get back into the swing of things with this pattern. All the these photos have been my sewing sessions for the last 3 days.

The big section on my board...was done while I was in Montana....But the smaller parts is what I've been working on. Judy Niemeyer quilts are just like a lot of parts to make...then start piecing the parts together to make bigger parts...then before you know it you have a big quilt :0) 

Can't wait to see it all put together.
Of course I am surrounded by pups no matter which studio I'm in...poor Bella....LOL!!! The sound of my machine always puts her to sleep. 

Thanks for popping in...What have you been up to lately??

PS.... Great news from the Doctor yesterday!!!!! My bones are totally fused !!! YES!!!! This means I can now start to walk on my own two feet!!!! YYYYEEEESSSSSS!!! It has been a really long 16 weeks of no walking, or driving. So...happy to be making baby steps back in my life. Thank you for all your well wishes...much love. S

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