Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Scrappy Happy

Today I am showing some of my scrappy happy moments that I have been up to the last few days. I'm also hooking this post up with She Can Quilt...and Scrap Tuesdays........
Above I got back to working on my sewing machine cover. Quilted, bound, and doing its job....Yeah!!!!

There is no pattern. I just made a rectangle quilt...and added ribbon ties on the side. Easy Peasy!!! Love how it turned out. And I used up some scraps!!!!

Then before I got back to the BIG projects I decided to dump my scrap bag (that sits under my desk) and make a mini quilt I have had on my wish list. It's a paper pieced butterfly from Nicole over at Lillyella . You can find her patterns HERE .
All measure 18 inches across. Love it!!!! Now to quilt it and add it to my Quilt Studio wall.

Be sure to check out the other blogs showing off their scrappy projects....HERE.

Health note *
I'm walking!!!! Yeah!! Praise God!!! I can only walk in the house...but I'll take it. I get stronger each day...and one day (hopefully soon) I can drive again!!! 

Thanks for all your warm wishes for my recovery...they meant the world to me!!!


colleen said...

Remembering veterans on Veterans Day

I have been following you via your blog ( not stalking, lol)
Good to hear you are out of your cast and are allowed to use your foot a bit
You are very artistic
I am wondering what happened that put you on the couch for such a long time. Did you break your foot in an accident?

Connie said...

I love how your cover turned out, too. I really need to make a cover for my machine. They get much duster than you can imagine. Mine was making bad stitches a while back and so I got out the manual and took it apart . . . I could not believe the dust inside. After I cleaned it and put in back together (something I was really afraid that I would mess up) it ran beautifully :)
Happy sewing!
Connie :)

Loganstitches said...

What a great machine cover. Love the multicolor spirals over the hexies.

Sandra Kaye said...

I had ankle surgery. And it can take a long time to recover... Each person is different ... And mine took a little longer. But I am now cleared to walk. Not drive... But I can now walk... And that makes me happy. In another couple of weeks I should be able to drive:):)

кочут said...

so colorful)))

Nicky said...

Both very cute projects. Hope you get to drive soon. Thanks for linking to #scraptastictuesday

Melissa said...

Wow! That butterfly is amazing 😁 I also applaud your ingenuity with the sewing machine cover 👏

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