Thursday, December 3, 2015

EPP Plus Tutoiral part 2

I have had several requests on my EPP Plus quilt...mostly on how to put the pluses together. 
I have hesitated on doing this...because it will be hard to take photos of the process without showing a ton of pictures. So I will do my not bore you...hehe.

The top row is my selection for the next row.

If you lay the plus in the spot it goes you can see that there will be 3 seams you will need to sew. Starting where my finger is. Now put right sides together and sew that one seam. 

Now to work on the next seam.  Place right sides together again...and sew this one seam.

And lastly you will flip the plus again and sew the last seam.

It will look like this as you are working.

Now you lay the next plus in its you can see, now you will have 6 seams that you will need to sew to attach this plus.

Now you just carry on until all the plus blocks are connected to each other. 

TIP*  Don't ever remove the papers behind the pluses until all the sides have been sewn. When you flip your project over and see pieces that are completely surrounded with stitches... it is safe to remove the papers from the back. Simply clip your basting stitches...and pop them out. I find it easier to maneuver the project with less paper involved.

As you can see I have removed the papers from the inside of the project...but have left the papers on the edges.

Hope this helps you understand how to put these cool little blocks together.


Linda Coleman said...

Thanks for the tutorial Sandra. Love those liberty fabrics.

ES said...

It's on my list!! It's a long list of quilts I'd love to tackle!! Yours is a beauty, and your explanation is good, seems straight forward when your guided with photos! :)

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