Thursday, January 14, 2016

GlueBook Party

My friend Becky told me about Glue Book Parties happening over on Instagram.
 Every Month I would try to join in but I always forgot about it and missed out on the fun. So, Becky had the brillant idea to come over to my house and do the party with me...that way there would be no more excuses for me to!!! Besides...that would be a lot more fun anyway ... right!!! I thought so!! We had so much fun that night...that we have gotten together every month since...and sometimes we can wrangle others to join us :0)

                  This party is hosted and run by Christine Hiester her blog is HERE.

       The jest of the party is... Christine tosses out 4 prompts every 30 minutes.
     And for 30 minutes you find things to collage and create around the theme of the prompt as loosely as you would like to. There are NO hard rules...if you don't like a prompt just skip it...this is all about fun. The first time I did this it was a little hard for me...with the time constraint... but I have actually come to really enjoy the process because I get out of my head and just create to create....and I am very surprised by my pages. Plus...Having Becky here is always the cherry on the top :0)

Above we got our friend Darlene to drive in from Orlando to join us for the Glue book Party. We of course had our wine glasses, scissors, and supplies...and we were ready to go!! That was a very fun night...we giggled like 4th graders...hehehe

theme - orange
theme - Home
theme - plant
theme - feet
this page turned out awesome for me...because I just happened to be sitting with 2 very good friends and I had this magazine page of 3 sets of feet. And we were making art. LOVE!!!

Then as we were laughing the night away ... some how we got on the topic of picking up a hitch hiker...and how BAD that was... and I think it might have been Darlene who said "Not if she has a glue stick!" LOLOLOLOL!!!! We exploded!!! with laughter so loud!!!! When the glue book party was over we were not done playing and I suggested we all make a collage page with the theme... "She had a glue stick so we brought her home". I took a photo of my glue stick.... printed it out 3 times and give one to each of us and we each used it in our collage.
You can see all three here. Very different but silly and we know it...but it made us laugh so hard. When we each see this page it will bring back fond memories of friendship.

It was a very fun night!!!!

If you are on Instagram you should check it out it is the first Saturday of the month at 8pm look for @Barebranchblooming 
She also does prizes as well.


cucki said...

Beautiful ❤️

By Neymes said...

Que linda arte amigas,parabéns.Eu amo essa reuniões de artesã.feliz Ano Novo a todas.Beijo.Valéria.(Brasil).

Dar said...

Good times!!�� Very well said!! I never have that much fun when I'm gluing alone!! Lol!!��

Christine said...

This is so fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing your fun with us!!! ❤️

Nancy said...

What fun, and beautiful results! I can almost picture the blizzard of paper bits in your studio when you were done.

Connie said...

Oh my goodness, this looked like a night of soooooooooooooooooo much fun! What is better than a giggle party with good friends. Wish I was there. Your collages are amazing and I'm sure that your creative juices were bouncing off the walls :)
Keep Smiling!
Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

Julierose said...

Love your collages--they are all so amazing...what fun!! hugs, julierose

Marlynne said...

So many fun ideas we get from our blogging friends! How fun to share some of the fun with friends!

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