Sunday, January 24, 2016

Quilt Studio Peek

For the last several weeks I have found myself in my Quilt studio slamming away at two of my quilts on my list for my FAL ... my Mystery Quilt and Tumblers quilt.... patterns by Bonnie Hunter
I just need to get the borders put on....then make the back....and then quilt....and then!!! I'm not quite close to being done...but I'd say I'm past the half way point for sure :0)
 And this is what 1,860 tumblers looks like. Bonnie...put out a Leaders and Enders Challenge for 2015. And this is mine. I have been running it through my machine between each project I have been working on. I started this just before my ankle surgery. I only have to finish the bottom border on and put it on....make the back...and so forth.

Hoping to get these two done before the end of March before the FAL deadline. I put four quilts on that list...but that was being a little to ambitious even for!!! So, I'm focusing on these two.

You can find both of these quilts patterns over on


cucki said...

Wow I love it
Big hugs x

Lesley said...

Such wonderful quilts. Way to go!

Nancy said...

Nice progress- two at a time looks like a winning approach!

Connie said...

Sandra, you never stop amazing me. I especially love, love, love the tumbles, it is so bright and cheerful and so many small pieces . . . like I said, amazing. :)

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