Sunday, February 21, 2016

New Collage Pages

I did another Glue book party at the beginning of February... the above page and the 3 below are the pages for that party.  I happened to do this party alone this time. As I was not feeling to smooth. Was sporting a migraine...was coming off of one actually. But, I mustard up the energy to get to my studio and give it a go and I didn't do to bad... was very happy with my results. The above page was my first page. The theme... Jewel tones...purple, teal, red, aqua. Felt like I slammed that theme...even with only half my brain ....(snort  :0)

This theme stumped me.... I had to find words that would be an affirmation. Well.? I just could NOT find that in my cut out this is what I did instead. I like it very much!! Plus my head was still hurting and all the thinking was starting to make it worse. So, I just went with this.
The next theme was .... What is in your Arms reach? You could do what ever you wanted...I did this:)
The last theme... Sky 
that was easy :0)

A few days later I went on to finish 2 other pages....

I finished this one today...It just makes me smile... :O)

Just keep dancing!!!

Have a great week.


Marlynne said...

So Cute! I need to make a word file!

Jean Lennon said...

Great pages love the colours how did you manage these colours not feeling very well. I love to dance do it every week with my husband who is a better dancer than I am

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