Monday, April 11, 2016

Art Retreat in Paradise

  We are on our way to the Grand Cayman Island to visit my friends Emily and Carol...for an art retreat... and I was able to bring my sister Denise and friend Becky....So five ladies will be chilling in Paradise and making fun colorful art...sounds perfect to me   :0)
Boarded and ready to go.... 
Land....WOW!!! The cruise ships are in. Look at the water!!!
Emily stopped as soon as we saw water and let us take a bunch of!!! The waters here are just amazing. 
First stop.... Sea Turtle Farm....I love this place....they are such lovely creatures

Becky and Denise feeding the big turtles.

My favorite part is climbing into the baby tanks and chasing down the little guys and holding and loving on them. LOL!!! Whether they like it or not. They are super fast little buggers.

Views from Emily and Carol's back porch. Yeah, pretty amazing....right?!!!

House Boys... Sprinkles and Beanie...they love the sun. Super sweet boys.

I found myself on the porch often in the big round chair with my journals while Denise and Carol were snorkeling in the backyard  :0)

My Cayman journal. It has both art work and photos from all my trips here.
I mean seriously...the views are just unbelievable 
Our Hostess Emily can make an AWESOME mudslide...Drinks all around!!!
I love this picture....we have set up 2 large tables and pushed them together..... and this was how it looked for a week. But what you are not seeing in this photo..... is the artists....we are all sitting on the porch at this very moment in our swim suits with drinks in our hands...laughing and soaking up the sun...and just having a grand old time. No art, No running....just friends spending time enjoying girl talk and enjoying the view and sun and the breeze.
The next day we went to Rum Point for the day.... Becky and Emily hung out on the beach while Denise, Carol and I went to play with the stingrays at Stingray City.

In the waters with stingrays swimming all around us. The waters are so clear!!!
Me holding a very large female. They are wild stingrays...but they have basically been trained that if they let themselves be held they will get the squid they are after. So they come right up and ask to be held.

All back together for our an original Mudslide. The First Mudslide came from this island.

Another day on the porch....sigh....

Snuggles with the Beans

Okay... So, we decided to do a gelli-plate swap one day. Emily, Carol, and I have done this on many occasions. We each take a turn picking the color palette for gelli-plate. Then we lay our papers, journals, and whatever we want on the gelli-plate. Then it is the next persons turn to pick the color scheme. Well, my sister is not an artist....and she kept calling it the Gelli-roll dance, because we play music and we did start dancing around the table because we have to work fast so the paint doesn't dry.  Above.... You can see her face as she spreads her first mix of colors. hehe :0) It was a lot of fun.

My sister decided to do a plate that had her name in it. I put it in my Cayman journal. 
It was a very fun day around the art table.

The next day finds us all floating in the ocean... we tied our floaties to a brick in the water.... and just soaked up the sun.
Emily took our picture...she didn't join us.

This photo had us all laughing up a storm.....LOL!!! Talk about fresh chicken!!!
There is even a chicken on the table. These chickens run wild all over the island.
Last photo for our visit.
Thank you so much Emily and Carol for your wonderful hospitality ..... we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Until next time.....

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Lesley Gilbert said...

That looked like my kind of holiday - I didn't know that until I saw all of your wonderful photo's - how lovely to have such friends to share it all with :)

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