Friday, April 29, 2016

Ombre Mini Swap

I'm still quilting!!!! For those of you who might be wondering....LOL!!!!! I love to quilt!!! I will always be a quilter. In fact when people ask me what I do... my first response is "I QUILT".... and then I say "...and I'm a Mixed-Media Artist".  

Any way... I joined my first online mini quilt swap through Instagram.   This swap is hosted by Nydia @nydiak , Nicole @modernhandcraft , Chris @the_tattood_quilter

We are using one line of fabric.....V & Co. Ombre fabric line....It is a beautiful fabric put out by Vanessa Christenson. I totally need to buy more!! 

For the swap we were allowed to add one solid with it. My choice was black.

I decided to use @tartankiwi Butterfly...she has awesome paper piece patterns in her Etsy shop. You can find her by clicking on her name. Her shop link is right there on here IG feed.

Done with the top. But it just needs more. I think a bad habit I may have picked up from my Mixed-media side of me is...." it is never enough!!! Add more!!" LOL!!!  :0)

Here is my back.

Close up of my quilting it. Decided to go with the matchstick quilting  :0)

All done...and I used some of the crumbs laying around to add to the outside and make it a wee bit bigger!!! I love it!!! I really hate to give it away!!! But, I will.

Back is signed

I have filled out the form and now I just have to wait for my partner's address. Then wait to see who gets it and wait to see what I get in return. This swap has people from all over the world playing!!! 

If you want to check out who is hosting the swap click on their highlighted names above and it will take you to their IG accounts. 

If you want to check out the mini's that are up for swapping...just click on the link below

Last I saw there were 213 pics showing.

Have a great day!!!


Karen L. Bates said...

I like that matchstick quilting, very cool. Great job.

Lesley said...

Your mini-quilt is stunning! Love the way you quilted it!

Marlynne said...

Outstanding! Black does make the other colors stand out and the block very striking!

Anna J. White said...

very prominent. Perfect seam. I liked this blanket. The Dehumidifier HQ

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