Monday, June 27, 2016

My Poodles-My Loves

 I LOVE my girls!!!! I have three!!! Zoey (above) she is 12 years old next month, and the Mother of Daisy and Remy (who lives with my Sister). I was pulling out my cutter quilts to take chunks out of them to use in a project.... when I came back around the corner...and Ms. Zoey had made herself comfy. :0) I just didn't have to heart to move her. So, for the day I left them on the floor for her.
My sweet little Ms. Daisy ( She and her brother just turned 7 yrs old) They are toy poodles. My constant shadow. My velcro-pup. LOL!! She looks at me like the sun and the moon set on me. :0)

and then there is this delightful creature....Bella ( or whom I call "Bellabean") She is 4 years old. She is a Royal standard poodle. She is a very large poodle. Bigger than a standard poodle. And very protective of her Momma....Me :0) 

Me on the couch eating!!! Do they want something??? hmmm??? To be truthful when ever I'm on the couch eating my girls line up just like this every time. (It wouldn't be because they KNOW that if they are very patient Momma will slip something to them...would it?!!  :0) 

Me every morning when I put my make up on. "Bellabean" thinks it is a good time to watch and get snuggles!! How does one say no to such a face??? 

Due to the change in my finances I need to start grooming my poodles. Poor Zoey!!! I can't tell if she is telling me she forgives me despite my poor grooming skills or what?? But I put her on my bed and she layed down on this pillow. I had to take the picture. Like everything else...practice. I will get better Zoey I promise. She was the first to go that day...Bella went next...and I did better.

            heart melts when my girls look at me with such love in their eyes.
My last photo.... I was in the studio all day.... and Bella simply told me in her way that I had had enough. It was time for me to get up and stop. I am sitting in my chair and she is on her feet. I am NOT leaning over. THAT is how big my dog is!!! 
Bella wanted a hug... she layed her head on my chest and did not move. I held her like this for 5 minutes. I was able to get one selfie.

My girls complete my little world. I can't imagine my life without a poodle in it. And I never will have a life with out a poodle in it. I will always own one. They give you that unconditional love that we all need.

Besides Jesus Christ, my hubby, and kids.....they are a must for my life.


Lulu said...

i hear you on the pups..I loved my baby so much, i miss her daily...
hope you had a nice weekend..

Lesley Gilbert said...

All your poodles are so adorable - made me smile seeing them waiting for you to give them a 'tid-bit' for being good girlies :)

Nancy said...

They look very hopeful for some popcorn! Pets truly do add so much to our lives. My husband always says, "No, they don't rule our lives much." They add a lot of humor, too. I'm sure when the pups feel a little cooler after a trim, they will forgive you developing your grooming skills on them!

Robbie said...

I feel the same way about my girls (two Bichon's - one a rescue we've had for a year on 7/11!)....they are so much a part of our daily lives, aren't they!!! I understand about the cost of grooming..I have found by brushing daily it's a tad easier to maintain...I keep my brushes/combs next to my excuse when I'm watching the boob tube!

Your girls are adorable! And look like lovers!!

Linda in Calif. said...

Hi Sandie, Nice to see your post about your poodles. So funny that you have the standard and the toys! I invited you to come to my blog when I first got Marzipan, a toy poodle, I wanted to show her off. She's just about to turn 6 months. and I too want to learn to groom her. Your poor baby looks like she's not happy with your efforts! How cute is that?

Marlynne said...

Precious pictures! And I imagine you will save quiet a bit doing the grooming yourself! Good they let you!

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