Friday, July 8, 2016

Cultivating Creativity - July Challenge

I am super EXCITED to let you know that my video interview with Rachel from Handmade U is up on her blog today!!! She is taking the month of July and interviewing Artists about creating art.

My question was... How do I stay motivated? 

So click HERE and watch the interview and find out :0)
(after July 8th my interview can be found on the right side of her blog under ARCHIVES, Day 8 Cultivating Creativity with Sandra Kaye)

Thanks for stopping by...and I hope my tips in the video help you out.


Lesley Gilbert said...

Because of privacy settings I couldn't watch the video :(

Marrianna said...

Excellent interview and beautiful work, Sandie. Congratulations on being featured on her blog. Great stuff happening for you in Florida. BTW - I love your longer hairdo. Looks grand on you and you look as beautiful as ever. Looks like everything you're doing agrees with you! I'm happy for that.
Take care,

Linda in Calif. said...

Hey Sandra - I really enjoyed your interview. Nice to hear your voice and see your mannerisms. You are just like I thought you would be. Okay - and as to the content of the interview, if was helpful to me since I'm finding it difficult to find time to sew with everything else happening in my life. So thanks for giving me some tips. That wasn't really what the interview was about - but that's what I took away from it.

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