Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The finish of My 100 days

Well...these art journal pages are the last of my 100 days project.  They are all collages. 

Some of the collage elements are from Tangie Baxter printables...(above)

Here I used stickers from friends, Tessa and Cindy.

I took this photo in Paris myself.

I love that I can see the stuff coming up from the background under her face. 

Sad to say I did NOT complete the 100 days project. I fell short by 9 days. I filled up my 2 books and needed to start another...and just didn't feel like doing it.
Oh well, I'm happy with all the collages I have... and that is good enough for me.

Onto the next project.


Connie said...

Amazing . . . this will be a book to keep handy and go through when you are having a sad or uninspired day. I can not imagine turning through these pages and not having a humongous smile on your face, I know that I would :)

Lulu said... much creativity...

Marrianna said...

I totally get the being finished after 91 days of collages. You are one fantastically gifted artist and so prolific. Proud of you! All the pages are so lovely. Thank you for sharing them with us.
Take care,

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