Friday, August 5, 2016


I had a buzzing in my brain for a while to make some art dolls. I have been pushing it aside...cause lets face it I have plenty to do. But I woke up one morning and I just didn't want to ignore it another I set out that day and made my new friend...Ruby-Rose.

I gathered the supplies that have been swarming my head as to what I wanted her to be made of...old quilts, vintage lace, doilies, chenille, buttons, and I even printed a photo that I took in Paris onto muslin. Then I was ready to start playing. 

I am a big doodler...(not sure that's a word) lol... but I love to go back over my art work when I'm done with black pen and doodle.  And I found myself wanting to do the same thing with this I went with it. I stitched her together with black thread....and doodled my heart out!!!
The back of Ruby-Rose.
She is a flat Doll that I just I decided I wanted her to have hair...I added fun fibers in the seam line when I was stitching her closed. 
....and I added a tattoo on the back of her head so it wouldn't seem so blank..hehe!!! 
Yep...I am pretty happy with how she turned out!!! I will totally be making more!!! I have all kinds of ideas rolling around in my head now!!!  Not sure I made it better by getting it out of my system... I think I just might have made it worse...cause now I want to make a whole pile of dolls!!!! HELP!!! lolololol....snort!!!!
I took this photo so you could get an idea of Ruby-Rose's size..... like her creator...she is curvaceous, colorful, and spunky!!!!!!

As always THANK YOU for stopping by
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Lynda Shoup said...

Reading this was very inspirational. There are so many "some day" projects that never see the light of day. So many things to do "when there is time". So glad you decided that the due date was come and that Ruby Rose came into existance. Sharing this piece and the process behind it has given me the kick I need to get moving.

Marlynne said...

How Fun! Now like always, you've done something I now want to do!

Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

WOW. She is so beautiful. You are truly a gifted artist in many ways.

Karen Valentine said...

She is wonderful sweetie! I especially love the back! The way you stiched around the everything like someone would do with a pencil on paper was pure genius!!!!!

Nancy said...

She's lovely and huggable- like her maker! I love all the detail on Ruby Rose and look forward to you letting more dolls come out to play.

Deanna Anthony said...

Oh! I absolutely LOVE her! So awesome! She will be a great companion in the art room!

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