Saturday, October 29, 2016

Local Quilt Show 2016

Went to our local quilt show here in town. Jacksonville Quiltfest 2016. "All That Stash" I pushed really hard to get this crumb quilt done. I knew it would be the perfect time to show it off. After was made using every last bit of my stash!!! And a lot of other people's stashes too....hehe!! 

Took my Mom to see the show... we walked in and I asked her
"Where would you like to start Mom?" "Well, I want to see your quilts Dear...that's why I'm here!"
I love my MOM!!!

3,475 pieces...yes I counted...twice!!! LOL!!!
I started this quilt in 2010 after taking a "crumb" block class from Bonnie in Jacksonville at Quiltfest...she was a quest teacher.

Then my Happy Scrappy Twist mini won a Judges Recognition ribbon... Yeah!!!
Mom found my second quilt!!!
Then after finding my quilts she was happy to look all around and shop with me. Here are some pics of MY favorite quilts I saw....

This was probably my FAVorite!!! The quilting on this quilt is just sublime!!! I took a whole bunch of close ups!!!

See what I mean!!! Amazing!!

This was made by my new friend Kate...yeah!!!

I loved this quilt!!! Its log cabins!!! and they look like seahorses!!! So, stinking cute!!! 
I even met up with my Jacksonville Bestie on another day ( the back) and we shopped until we couldn't hardly hold our bags anymore!!! Of course we had to go to our FAVORITE shop and get hugs like every hour or so from the SWEETEST shop owners on the planet!!! Lynn and Bob!!! They own Counrty Cross Roads Quilt Shop out in Orange Park, Jacksonville, Florida
You will never walk away unhappy from their shop... and You will always feel good inside and have a smile stretched across your face when you leave. They are just those kind of people.

And finally here is my quilt at home hanging in the front hall on the big rack. Under my vintage metal sign collection.
Thanks for stopping bye...see ya soon.


Frog Quilter said...

Your crumb quilt is stunning. Just beautiful.

Marrianna said...

Your quilts are so beautiful. As always, I love your color choices. The quilt with the fantastic quilting definitely warranted a close up photo or two. Everything is lovely. Very fortunate for you to live in a great city where you have quilt shops galore. Thank you so much for posting.

Summer said...

Such gorgeous quilts ♥

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