Sunday, November 27, 2016

100 days 100 blocks...Thats a Wrap!!

WOW!!!! I can NOT believe that I made 100 blocks for 100 days and posted them everyday for 100 days faithfully and NEVER missed a day!!! (on Instagram) WOW!!! 

I have to say I am pretty impressed with... well...ME!!! LOL!!!!! :0)
I don't usually stick to stuff like that. I'm a bouncer... I get bored very easily. I bounce from one project to the next...lots of starts. You could effectively call me a Craft TIGGER.
Here I am setting all 100 blocks on the floor near the stair case. So, I can climb the stairs and get a great picture. Hubs decided to snap a picture.

Ta-Da!!! 100 ....6" blocks from Tula Pink's "100 Modern Blocks". This was a Sew-A-Long on instagram. Over 500 people made blocks every day for 100 days. I made mine with Kaffe Fasset fabric...and Kona solids. Now I just need to decide how I'm going to put them all together. Ha!!!

But, One thing I can say for sure is one HAPPY quilt!!!!

....and that is just the way I like them!!!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Cayman Art Journal Love

 I went to see my Lovely Bestie Emily at here Cayman Island home a month ago and I'm just now writing my blog post about it. But, I have decided to keep this post simple and of few words..... just share the beautiful all we really did was stick to the house. We did art, watched movies, napped, laughed, art, napped, danced, and laughed!!! It was very relaxing. We did go to Rum Point one day but that was it and we spent the day relaxing on lawn chairs in the sun and drawing in our journals.... and we had a few!!!
So please enjoy these pictures...they pretty much speak for themselves...

I'll start with the most amazing sunrise I have ever seen....
Emily and Me :0)
Mr. Beans

I always bring home a shell that I have doodled on.

Emily made this crocheted afghan. LOVE!!!

My room for the week :0)


                                                          art play time
                                                     Rum Point and Mudslide


I made a new art journal before I came... It is my Flower journal...all things flowers will go in it.

          Emily made my 5 them!!! The are the colors of the sea!!!

          Currently my favorite photo of my vacation...and now my screen page when I turn on my computer.!!! LOL!!! NO FROWNING ALLOWED HERE!!! Love it!!!
        Well, that's it for this post...thanks for stopping by...have a blessed day!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Just Cause :o)

I'm pretty sure if you have followed me for any amount of time you know that I LOVE my Fur-babies!!! Well, every once in a while I get a good pile of photo's and like any silly parent want to show them off. So, here is your cuteness overload for the day.   :o)
Bella and Daisy fresh from the groom.

The groom is such a trying experience...must take a nap!!!
Mother and Daughter zonked on my Son.
I watch movies when I sew... this day I was watching Maleficent. And little Jasper decided that he needed to get a front row seat. He was there for the whole movie. He went from laying down to sitting up...and sometimes he would get right on the TV to smell it or swat it. LOL!!!

I can NEVER sit empty lapped. There is always an animal or two...sometime three in my lap. I'm just grateful the BIG-Girl doesn't like couches!!! 
Momma Zoey...she is 12 now...and her age is showing...she is slowing down considerably. She has a heart murmur and the Doc says there is nothing that can be done in one so old. My heart will shatter when she passes. She has been with us a super long time. 
Silly Boy Jasper!!! I guess he's trying to say something "Hey you...stop playing on this thing...and feed me!!!!" LOL!!!!

and then finally my favorite Big-girl coming in for a 5 minute hug!!! I love it when she does this!!! If my phone is near I will always grab it and snag a selfie. Bella loves to hug and be hugged. She will sit with her head like this for at least 5 minutes and not pull away. Often times with her eyes closed... and she sighs too. My heart fills with love for this dog every day!!! She reads my emotions more than the others. She is very protective...she doesn't like me to be sad, upset, angry, and God help the person who scares me!!! LOL!!! I've only had one other dog in my life that I would consider my best friend in the whole world. My Boston Terrier Missy...who I lost after 12 years. That has ever come close to comparing to her...and that would be my Big girl Bella.

"Dogs are Not our whole life, but they make our lives Whole." Roger Caras

Thanks for stopping by to see my fur- babies!!!
Looks like I need to add Jasper's name to my good-bye tag...LOL!!! and a paw print!!! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Winners Announced!!!

I have picked my 2 winners for the Heart Journal Magazine One Year Subscriptions Give-a-way!!! 
Drum roll please!!!!!!......the winner is.....
Connie from "Crafty Home Cottage"
Congrats Connie!!!! 
I snagged a picture from her blog of her and her hubby. They are a handsome couple!
Connie I will email the Magazine your email address...and they will send you a special code for your "One Year Subscription"... You just plug it in at check out. 

And my Instagram winner is.....@peacechild4 
She lives in Australia

I am so thankful for all the encouragement that came my way by all my friends...and even new friends!!!It meant a lot to me. Thank you Thank you. 

It is my hope and goal to continue to share my work as much as I can.

We all need more Love, Compassion, Brightness, Joy, and Kindness in this ever growing dark world of ours and it's my plan to give as much of it daily as I can.
I'll leave you with a bit of journal play in my 5 journals that I'm currently playing in.
Top left - Flower journal, top right - Happy journal, Bottom right -BabyArtj, Middle - Glue book Collage, and Left bottom - Scripture journal.

Thanks for Stopping By....May the Lord Bless your Day!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

I'm Published! and Give-A-Way!

         I am super excited to share with you that I have been published! HeArt Journal Magazine contacted me and asked if I would be a contributor in their magazine. Ahh...YES!!! I was very happy to comply. I did an interview (my first) and then I did 2 videos as well. 
This month is packed with AMAZING talent!
....and the best part!!!! YOU can have this issue FREE!!!
Yes!!! That's Right...HeArt Journal Magazine has giving me a code to give to you so you can read my article and see all the other AMAZING other Ladies too. Yeah!!!

And You will have a chance to win a one Year subscription as well.
(at the end of the post)
Simply go to shopping cart  then choose the Nov/Dec 2016 Issue and use coupon code myfaVorit (case sensitive) in the check out process.
You will will receive an email with a link to download your .pdf file.  Please watch your spam folder if it doesn't show up right away.  For help with the coupon code, please email   This code is good until Nov 13th 2016.  

I have 2 video's in the Magazine where I show you "How I Conquer the White Page!!!"
The above photo is a pic of my current journals I'm working in.

To Celebrate even more over the fact that I have been published... The magazine is giving me 2 one year subscriptions to their AWESOME E-Magazine. 

One winner will be picked here...and One winner will be picked on Instagram. 

So, to be the winner picked here...

1- You have to be a follower of this blog
2- Leave me a comment about Why ? you Art journal.

I will pick my winner for the one year subscription on Monday the 7th.
Good Luck.

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