Monday, November 14, 2016

Cayman Art Journal Love

 I went to see my Lovely Bestie Emily at here Cayman Island home a month ago and I'm just now writing my blog post about it. But, I have decided to keep this post simple and of few words..... just share the beautiful all we really did was stick to the house. We did art, watched movies, napped, laughed, art, napped, danced, and laughed!!! It was very relaxing. We did go to Rum Point one day but that was it and we spent the day relaxing on lawn chairs in the sun and drawing in our journals.... and we had a few!!!
So please enjoy these pictures...they pretty much speak for themselves...

I'll start with the most amazing sunrise I have ever seen....
Emily and Me :0)
Mr. Beans

I always bring home a shell that I have doodled on.

Emily made this crocheted afghan. LOVE!!!

My room for the week :0)


                                                          art play time
                                                     Rum Point and Mudslide


I made a new art journal before I came... It is my Flower journal...all things flowers will go in it.

          Emily made my 5 them!!! The are the colors of the sea!!!

          Currently my favorite photo of my vacation...and now my screen page when I turn on my computer.!!! LOL!!! NO FROWNING ALLOWED HERE!!! Love it!!!
        Well, that's it for this post...thanks for stopping by...have a blessed day!!!


Nancy said...

Ahhh..... big exhale. What a wonderful week you had!

Kay G. said...

Beautiful! No frowning allowed!

Linda said...

Hello Sandra, warm greetings from Montreal, Canada! Your photos are beautiful, and I absolutely love your art! And your blog background is gorgeous! :)

Vicky said...

I never thought of doodling on shells, I collect them on my travels. It looks like a wonderful holiday.

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