Saturday, November 12, 2016

Just Cause :o)

I'm pretty sure if you have followed me for any amount of time you know that I LOVE my Fur-babies!!! Well, every once in a while I get a good pile of photo's and like any silly parent want to show them off. So, here is your cuteness overload for the day.   :o)
Bella and Daisy fresh from the groom.

The groom is such a trying experience...must take a nap!!!
Mother and Daughter zonked on my Son.
I watch movies when I sew... this day I was watching Maleficent. And little Jasper decided that he needed to get a front row seat. He was there for the whole movie. He went from laying down to sitting up...and sometimes he would get right on the TV to smell it or swat it. LOL!!!

I can NEVER sit empty lapped. There is always an animal or two...sometime three in my lap. I'm just grateful the BIG-Girl doesn't like couches!!! 
Momma Zoey...she is 12 now...and her age is showing...she is slowing down considerably. She has a heart murmur and the Doc says there is nothing that can be done in one so old. My heart will shatter when she passes. She has been with us a super long time. 
Silly Boy Jasper!!! I guess he's trying to say something "Hey you...stop playing on this thing...and feed me!!!!" LOL!!!!

and then finally my favorite Big-girl coming in for a 5 minute hug!!! I love it when she does this!!! If my phone is near I will always grab it and snag a selfie. Bella loves to hug and be hugged. She will sit with her head like this for at least 5 minutes and not pull away. Often times with her eyes closed... and she sighs too. My heart fills with love for this dog every day!!! She reads my emotions more than the others. She is very protective...she doesn't like me to be sad, upset, angry, and God help the person who scares me!!! LOL!!! I've only had one other dog in my life that I would consider my best friend in the whole world. My Boston Terrier Missy...who I lost after 12 years. That has ever come close to comparing to her...and that would be my Big girl Bella.

"Dogs are Not our whole life, but they make our lives Whole." Roger Caras

Thanks for stopping by to see my fur- babies!!!
Looks like I need to add Jasper's name to my good-bye tag...LOL!!! and a paw print!!! 


gracie said...

Nice to see the furbabies again...hope all is well...

Frog Quilter said...

My fur babies are cats and they always are in my lap. Love them. I can see the love in your pictures. Mmmmm.

Connie said...

Hi Sandra, Isn't it wonderful having those lovely critters around that love us unconditionally. We found out last week that our Butchy has diabetes. We didn't even realize that dogs could catch that.
Thank you again for the lovely subscription. I have added a link to your blog in my latest post. So, I do hope it brings some visitors to your charming blog :)

Robbie said...

I enjoy posts about fiber/textile/mixed media/yada/yada//BUT i love, love posts about dogs!!!! Ditto on everything you said about your babies. I feel the same way and enjoyed this post so much!!! THANK YOU!

Marlynne said...

So Sweet!

Nancy said...

Oh, our critters add so much goodness to our lives! You have an entertaining crew. Jasper- is that a curly coat? The photo on top of the machine shows it quite curly, or rough.. or something. A movie-watching cat, how cute. I bet the movement and feathers were bird-like enough to entrance him. Cute pics.

Heidi Orndorff said...

Oh Thank you for sharing your fur baby pics! I too lost a Boston, Dodger, about 1 1/2 years ago - I miss him everyday! I still have my two kitties thank, goodness.

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