Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Art journal Pages

I absolutely LOVE to art-journal!!! The following pages are from my Glue-book Party nights. 
         The theme above was: Red/Black/White.... I do believe I covered that!!! :0)
This theme was: Junk Mail.... I used cancelled stamps on the edges and brochures in the middle.

Not a Glue-Book spread...Haha. 
But it was my response to all the UGLiness that was going on after the election.

Glue-book page...theme: Glitter

Theme: Something that involved Stars.

Here we are in my Art studio making a super FUN mess!! (from left to right) Susan, Becky, Sandie, and Darlene. It was a great way to end the Last Glue-Book Party of the Year!!! 

....and of course you can NEVER come to my house and NOT get your picture taken in the 

Everyone LOVES to go to the HAPPY POTTY for selfies!!! LOL!! It's becoming famous!!! I have brand new art friends come over, people I have never met. Who follow me on Instagram. And the first thing out of their mouths after they say "Hello"...."Can I please see the Happy Potty?" No joke!!! It just happened not to long ago!!!! LOLOLOL!!!!!

I just started printed the selfies out and taping the Happy Potty selfies to the back of my Art Studio door.... It is a sight to see!!! :0) Which I do...since my door never closes against the wall. I tucked a desk behind the door...Which allows me to see all these lovely people who have come to my home and have enjoyed my Studio's and my art (in the Happy Potty) haha!!

If you want more info on the Glue-book party.... Check out @barebranchblooming on instagram. The party is the first Saturday of every month at 8pm.

Friday, December 16, 2016

No "Y" Seam Feathered Star

So, A while back I picked up Jessie Zeigler's Free pattern No "Y" Seam Feathered Star. It is paper pieced...and works up super fast. The pattern comes in 3 sizes. 8", 12", 16". 
I of course went with the 8" inch. 
Coming together nicely!!!
Yep...Super happy with the end result!!! Now I just need to quilt it :0) 

You can find this Free pattern HERE.

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

I have a New IG Quilt Page

After much consideration...I decided to finally break my quilting off from my Artzy side and give it it's very own Instagram page. The above photo is the profile picture I have chosen for that IG page.!!!

Snap chat had this layover one day...and I thought Oh!!! That looks like my Kaffe Fasset fabric!! So, I set out to have a selfie photo shoot with my kaffe fabric...lololol!!! I know...cornie!!! But that's me!!!

You can find my Quilty page here @sandieloves2quilt

Saturday, December 10, 2016

I Dream

                    For today's post I thought I would share close ups of the quilt.
"I Dream"

                Lots of quilting. I did NO marking...I just went for it....and doodled :0)
I really enjoyed making this quilt...a reality from my dreams. I hope to see many more dreams come true this new year. 

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

"What Shade Are YOU?" RJR Fabrics Quilt

So, a while back I had a DREAM...I know I know...bear with me.... I woke up and ran to my Art studio and began a sketch. I usually can't hold onto my dreams like I did this one. They usually slip away from me the second I open my eyes. Not this one. It stayed...and I knew I would create it in fabric one day. Of course I never thought that someday would be 3 days later when RJR Fabrics contacted me and asked... "Would you be interested in doing a collaboration? I was like "WHAT"??? Me??? Are you talking to ME??? LOL!!! Without even knowing what that really meant...I said Yes!!! :0)

RJR has asked me to join in the AMAZING year long blog tour of "What Shade Are You?" Happening on their blog and Instagram. Using their Cotton Supreme Solids and 1 print from their Cotton and Steel line, I was off and running. 

Here are the fabrics that I used for this quilt:

                                                     Mochi - Speckled Navy 1917-21
                                                     333 Bougainvillea
                                                     349 Aloe Verde 
                                                     348 Neon 
                                                     208 Night
                                                     347 Grass is always greener
                                                     329 Emerald city
                                                     366 Toy boat c+s
                                                     292 Turks and Caicos
                                                     274 Riviera
                                                     126T Royal Blue
                                                     215 Amethyst
                                                     123T Opera Mauve
                                                     217 Hot Pink
                                                     49T Chili Pepper
                                                     222 Redwork
                                                     355 Beach Coral
                                                     131T Carrot
                                                     326 Sunny Delight
                                                     337 Citron

And thus began the BIGGEST project of my life!!!
The concept I created really needed to be appliqued!!. I'm not a huge fan of raw edge applique. I like my edges turned under or covered.
This is where I hit a major a hiccup before I could even begin....I have a bad hand and I'm in need of surgery.
Which would put me out of commission for 2-3 months for recovery. So, I haven't sat still to do the surgery...as an Artist, THAT is like going to Art prison. NO ART, and it's just not something I'm willing to do...expect...as time goes by its getting worse so putting on my big girl undies is a must...sigh!!!

So when I sat down to start working on my quilt...which I wanted to hand applique...(oops) that was so NOT happening. My right hand just doesn't have the strength.

I have a Trigger finger. If I close my hand....snap...that finger is locked and I can't open it without the other hand helping....and it is painful.
So, biased tape making for an entire month began!!! 
...because I had about 204 bubbles to make :0)

Here I am getting some help from the new kitten we got. "Jasper"
Quilting...or at least trying to....LOL!!! Had to kick someone out of room that day...He wanted to sleep on the bubbles.


Have you figured out what it is yet???
The bottom of the quilt...and the ground...you can probably guess now!!!
It's a Atrzy Tree!!

"I Dream My Quilts and I Quilt My Dreams"

..the saying is a spin-off from the master Artist Van Gogh

This is the very first quilt that I have made without a pattern. It is all ME. So I wanted it to have a great name I call it... "I Dream". I have always wanted to create my own quilts and publish a quilt book one day. So this quilt for me is a really BIG dream come true.... and a step in the right direction. 

I then took the quilt downtown to the oldest tree in Jacksonville, Florida. I wanted it to have a unique. backdrop.
We built our City in 1893...and this tree was already here and huge...we built a park around it.

 This tree is so big it's branches rest on the ground and then grow back up in the air again. They look like elbows on the ground...LOL!!!
                                                                  The Back
And then there is Me... and my handsome feet helpers...lol!!!

I sat down and played on my friends I Pro pad...and created what I was really wanting... So, this is the picture that I created my quilt from.

I want to THANK ....RJR Fabrics for asking me to make a quilt with their wonderful delicious Cotton Supreme Solids!!! If you have not tried these solids yet ...you really must !!! They sew like a dream!!! And their colors are so very VIBRANT!!!!

Be sure to hop on over to my Instagram page... There will be an amazing GIVE-A-WAY by RJR...and you are NOT going to want to miss that!!!

You can find me at :

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Scrappy Corded Centerpiece Tutorial

     Recently I decided to dig into my HUGE "bowlie strip" bucket and make myself a centerpiece for my kitchenette table. It turned out great and I LOVE it!!! I also decided to do a tutorial on how I made it...so that you can make one for yourself. :0)

 Pull out colors of 1/2 inch strips of fabrics. You can make this color coordinated if you choose...like all yellow and blue, ....or red, white, and blue....or Christmas colors. Me, I like scrappy. So...I just randomly pulled from my 1/2 inch strip basket. And you will need a CLOTHESLINE. Like in the picture above. It needs to be soft like fabric NOT hard like plastic. Or your machine will hate you....and you will need a glue stick.

You need to grab a glue stick and a variegated thread. A variegated thread works best on a scrappy project. If you are doing a Color themed project you may want to choose differently.
Now lets Begin..... Take one strip, your glue stick, and the end of the cord and place them in your hand like the picture. Place a dab of glue on the tip of the cord. Now fold the right side of fabric over the cord and tuck it around the cord. Then bring the top of the fabric down onto the cord.
It should look like this when you are done. Essentially all you are doing is wrapping the end of the cord so it doesn't show in the project. 
Now from here...you will glue a little ...wrap a little....glue a little.... wrap a little.... The object here is to NOT see the cord. So you don't need to wrap it so close that it will take forever...but don't wrap it so far apart that every time the cord moves...you can see white cord.
I usually get myself a very good amount going before I start. This allows the glue to dry. And it allows me to keep working longer and not stopping to wrap as well.
 Here is a picture of me wrapping my first color. I only put glue for about 2 inches then wrap about 6 inches.....then glue 2 inches and wrap about 6 to 8 inches again. So, glue is NOT all the way down on the cord. But when I lay this cord down... nothing moves because things have been glued.
 Adding the next color strip - The Left photo is BAD a big NO-NO!!!! Do not add your next strip straight on like that. Your strip will NOT wrap around the cord at all. Trust Me!!! LOL!!! 

The RIGHT photo is the correct way to add a new strip on an angle. Take your glue stick and dab the edge of the new strip of fabric before you add it. Then place it on top of the old color (overlapping) press it on. Then start wrapping again....glue...wrap....glue....wrap....glue....
and don't forget to glue at the end of each color strip...or fabric piece.

Okay...Lets SEW!!! 
We start by making a tiny tight coil.
This is the trickiest part of the whole project...cause now you have to get this little guy under the needle AND hang onto it...but it can be done. 

If you have to do a few practice passes...that is fine...I sure did!!! Just cut off the ugly. Re-wrap the end and start again. 
Set your machine up for a ZIG-ZAG stitch. Because you want to stitch into both sides of the cord that are touching. That is how this project stays together.

You are starting your ZIG-ZAG up where the Left fingernail is.

 This is where I have learned to find tools to help me. As you can see I have started my ZIG-ZAG...and I have a Purple Thing on one side and and plastic thing on the other because my fingers just can't get in there..... but these tools can. You just need them until the piece is big enough for you to get a hold of it.
And here we are with it much bigger. Now to explain the Photo. I am a Righty!! So, the LEFT PHOTO is how I also start my coils...I can't seem to start them any other way...Believe me I've tried!!! So, once my project gets to big....(as you can see at some point its going to hit the machine) I will stop...pull it out and fill it over and then continue stitching and my coil can now get as big as I want it to. Because I put the same thread in my bobbin ...I can flip my project and it will look the same on both sides.
I will leave about a 4-5 inch tail of fabric on the coil that is NOT sewn ....STOP...and start to wrap...and glue again.   In the above photo...this is really to close to get your hands in the and wrap around that cord. I will put about 10 colors before I start again. That way...by the time I start to sew again.... the glue has dried at the top... and by the time I sew to the bottom it has dried.
Now to end your coil....
Cut off your cord. Have at least 6-8 inches on fabric left to wrap on the end.
Glue the edge of the coil and wrap the cord... and then continue the wrap into an even smaller wrap.
Until it is teeny tiny.
Press it up against the centerpiece and continue your ZIG-ZAG.
As it gets close to the tiny tip you created you will need to use a tool to help again. Your goal is to catch the tip in the stitches.
 Just like That!!!!
And BAM!!! You are done!!!  YEAH!!! And if you noticed ....if you put the same thread in your bobbin there is no difference from the top or the bottom.

Now that you have a cool AWESOME centerpiece. Why not my yourself some coasters?!!
Or, a Table runner...all you need to do is start with a long "U" center and work around that like you do this centerpiece.

 You can even do Purses, and Bowls.

This is a very fun project. When ever I cut into new yardage I always take a 1/2" cut to true up the edge... this strip goes straight into my "bowlie" basket (which is huge)

I hope you enjoyed this Tutorial... Have fun!!! 

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