Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Art journal Pages

I absolutely LOVE to art-journal!!! The following pages are from my Glue-book Party nights. 
         The theme above was: Red/Black/White.... I do believe I covered that!!! :0)
This theme was: Junk Mail.... I used cancelled stamps on the edges and brochures in the middle.

Not a Glue-Book spread...Haha. 
But it was my response to all the UGLiness that was going on after the election.

Glue-book page...theme: Glitter

Theme: Something that involved Stars.

Here we are in my Art studio making a super FUN mess!! (from left to right) Susan, Becky, Sandie, and Darlene. It was a great way to end the Last Glue-Book Party of the Year!!! 

....and of course you can NEVER come to my house and NOT get your picture taken in the 

Everyone LOVES to go to the HAPPY POTTY for selfies!!! LOL!! It's becoming famous!!! I have brand new art friends come over, people I have never met. Who follow me on Instagram. And the first thing out of their mouths after they say "Hello"...."Can I please see the Happy Potty?" No joke!!! It just happened not to long ago!!!! LOLOLOL!!!!!

I just started printed the selfies out and taping the Happy Potty selfies to the back of my Art Studio door.... It is a sight to see!!! :0) Which I do...since my door never closes against the wall. I tucked a desk behind the door...Which allows me to see all these lovely people who have come to my home and have enjoyed my Studio's and my art (in the Happy Potty) haha!!

If you want more info on the Glue-book party.... Check out @barebranchblooming on instagram. The party is the first Saturday of every month at 8pm.

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Marlynne said...

Gosh How Fun! Would sure take part if I lived close!

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