Tuesday, December 6, 2016

"What Shade Are YOU?" RJR Fabrics Quilt

So, a while back I had a DREAM...I know I know...bear with me.... I woke up and ran to my Art studio and began a sketch. I usually can't hold onto my dreams like I did this one. They usually slip away from me the second I open my eyes. Not this one. It stayed...and I knew I would create it in fabric one day. Of course I never thought that someday would be 3 days later when RJR Fabrics contacted me and asked... "Would you be interested in doing a collaboration? I was like "WHAT"??? Me??? Are you talking to ME??? LOL!!! Without even knowing what that really meant...I said Yes!!! :0)

RJR has asked me to join in the AMAZING year long blog tour of "What Shade Are You?" Happening on their blog and Instagram. Using their Cotton Supreme Solids and 1 print from their Cotton and Steel line, I was off and running. 

Here are the fabrics that I used for this quilt:

                                                     Mochi - Speckled Navy 1917-21
                                                     333 Bougainvillea
                                                     349 Aloe Verde 
                                                     348 Neon 
                                                     208 Night
                                                     347 Grass is always greener
                                                     329 Emerald city
                                                     366 Toy boat c+s
                                                     292 Turks and Caicos
                                                     274 Riviera
                                                     126T Royal Blue
                                                     215 Amethyst
                                                     123T Opera Mauve
                                                     217 Hot Pink
                                                     49T Chili Pepper
                                                     222 Redwork
                                                     355 Beach Coral
                                                     131T Carrot
                                                     326 Sunny Delight
                                                     337 Citron

And thus began the BIGGEST project of my life!!!
The concept I created really needed to be appliqued!!. I'm not a huge fan of raw edge applique. I like my edges turned under or covered.
This is where I hit a major a hiccup before I could even begin....I have a bad hand and I'm in need of surgery.
Which would put me out of commission for 2-3 months for recovery. So, I haven't sat still to do the surgery...as an Artist, THAT is like going to Art prison. NO ART, and it's just not something I'm willing to do...expect...as time goes by its getting worse so putting on my big girl undies is a must...sigh!!!

So when I sat down to start working on my quilt...which I wanted to hand applique...(oops) that was so NOT happening. My right hand just doesn't have the strength.

I have a Trigger finger. If I close my hand....snap...that finger is locked and I can't open it without the other hand helping....and it is painful.
So, biased tape making for an entire month began!!! 
...because I had about 204 bubbles to make :0)

Here I am getting some help from the new kitten we got. "Jasper"
Quilting...or at least trying to....LOL!!! Had to kick someone out of room that day...He wanted to sleep on the bubbles.


Have you figured out what it is yet???
The bottom of the quilt...and the ground...you can probably guess now!!!
It's a Atrzy Tree!!

"I Dream My Quilts and I Quilt My Dreams"

..the saying is a spin-off from the master Artist Van Gogh

This is the very first quilt that I have made without a pattern. It is all ME. So I wanted it to have a great name I call it... "I Dream". I have always wanted to create my own quilts and publish a quilt book one day. So this quilt for me is a really BIG dream come true.... and a step in the right direction. 

I then took the quilt downtown to the oldest tree in Jacksonville, Florida. I wanted it to have a unique. backdrop.
We built our City in 1893...and this tree was already here and huge...we built a park around it.

 This tree is so big it's branches rest on the ground and then grow back up in the air again. They look like elbows on the ground...LOL!!!
                                                                  The Back
And then there is Me... and my handsome feet helpers...lol!!!

I sat down and played on my friends I Pro pad...and created what I was really wanting... So, this is the picture that I created my quilt from.

I want to THANK ....RJR Fabrics for asking me to make a quilt with their wonderful delicious Cotton Supreme Solids!!! If you have not tried these solids yet ...you really must !!! They sew like a dream!!! And their colors are so very VIBRANT!!!!

Be sure to hop on over to my Instagram page... There will be an amazing GIVE-A-WAY by RJR...and you are NOT going to want to miss that!!!

You can find me at :


Nancy said...

Well you sure know how to get it done, trigger finger and all! This is just wonderful. Bubbles galore and loaded with color. So what shade are you??? ha!

Frog Quilter said...

Those feet are so cute. Love the quilt! Bright and fun like me.

Theresa Greenhalgh-Leonard said...

Gorgeous...I love it. I know if you have surgery....you won't be out of commission that long. Thanks for your inspiration and great work...I love it!

Lesley Gilbert said...

Lovely quit and colours. Looking forward to seeing your 1st book of quilts :)
Hope your hands get better soon.

Celia Ambrose said...

What an amazing tree to include with your quilt photo! Thanks for chance to win the fabric.

Sandra Kaye said...

Thank you so much Ladies for your Lovely comments!! They have warmed my heart and made my day!!! Blessings... Sandra Kaye

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