Saturday, February 11, 2017

New Baby :o)

His name is Jake...and he is 15 weeks old. He is a Cornish Rex just like his brother Jasper. And they are brothers...they have the same Momma...but different Daddy's.

He is so cute!!!

My Niece went with me to collect him. Everyone was busy...and I needed someone to hold him. I have NOT used a cat carrier with Jasper... we harness and leash him... and I want to be able to do the same with this little guy. Jasper is not afraid of any dog. Even strange dogs at the vet can sniff him and he is okay.
Poor little guy...he does look confused and scared here. What is happening?!!! Who are these people? and Where is my Mommy?!!!
I took a selfie with him when I stopped a quilt shop. Yes... I did!!! LOL!!! Come on!! I am a Quilter for Pete's sake!!! lolol!!!
For the first two days we had to keep Bella away from him ... he could handle the little poodles. They simply ignored him. But Bella wanted to get close and sniff him...and that was NOT happening. Thought the little guy was going to have a heart attack!!!
Jake figured out real fast that humans were SAFE-BASE. lol!!! So you often found him sleeping on Me or my Hubs.
Then on day 4 he started following Jasper around and not hissing at Bella so much. (as long as she didn't get to close) He also started to play tag with Jasper...chasing each other all over the house. But when he was done he would always come find me to sleep. He doesn't trust sleeping without being on Safe-base.

But then day 7 happened...and it was quiet in the house..dogs were upstairs with me...and no cats. I went to see what they were up to and found them like this... sound to sleep. Up to this point Jasper wouldn't let Jake cuddle.... which is probably why Jake kept coming to me to sleep.
Sigh... I'm a HAPPY fur-mom. All is right in the house.
The boys have excepted each other.
And Jake only hisses at Bella if she opens her mouth. She can touch him with her nose and smell him...he's okay with that..but the second he sees teeth... Nope!!! He's done. And can you blame the 3lbs little guy. I mean he can fit in her mouth for goodness sakes!!! LOLOLOL!!!!

Thanks for stopping by to see my new fur-baby.
and for those who will ask these cats are Cornish Rex cats. They are known for being hyper allogenic... which is why I got them and have poodles.


ytsmom said...

A couple of cuties! They look like twins, except for size

Natacha said...

They are so cute Sandra!
We had a cat for years and there was never a problem with allergies. But the year my oldest moved out, he became allergic. So strange. We have two kittens now, but he lives on his own and when he visits he takes one of his pills and he is ok.
Have a nice Sunday!

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