Friday, February 3, 2017


So I decided to that I want to create a Mini Quilt wall in my house.... but I didn't want to make all the quilts myself. So, I am joining in on several mini swaps online. The first one that came along was could choose 12-16" or 4-6" I liked the thought of making and receiving a mini-mini!! So, I took Ms. Hazel above and did my best to figure out how to shrink her into a mini-mini...ha!!!

My first attempt was a failure!!! arrrg!!!!

But I did figure it out and pulled my fabrics and began.

And got so excited about my Pink Hazel...I made 4!!! Ha!!!

Then I quilted tiny hearts all over her!!

....and after binding her in pink...I went looking for something more... and was very HAPPY to find I had pink flowers just the right size. 

She looks perfectly PINK!

Ms. Hazel measures 5"x6" and she is on her way to live in her new habitat. 

and her sister's? Well, One will stay will me, one went to live with my Bestie here in Jacksonville...and the last sister...I'm not sure where she will end up...we will just wait and see....


Connie said...

Sandra, you sure know how to make a hedgehog pretty :)
Happy stitching.
Connie :)

Lesley Gilbert said...

I loved your gorgeous pink hedgehogs - even the wonky one was cute - make it into a mug rug :)

sandi s said...

They are adorable!!! Hugs,

Ariane said...

Super cute!!

Cindy said...

I've been looking at this post for over a month!! LOL!
What pattern/quilting book are you using? It looks very interesting and I'm thinking of making myself a mini hedgehog too! Too adorable!
Hugs! Cindy Connell

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