Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Quiltcon 2017 part 2

 Quiltcon was soooo much FUN!!! I don't think I have ever had so much fun at a quilt show before. The people, the staff, the shops, and the show quilts. AMAZING!!! I'm ready for the next show!

Here are the pictures of MY favorite quilts...and NO...I didn't take pictures of their names...I totally forgot!!! (sorry...some I know, because I know the quilters...but otherwise.)
Let's start with the "Best of Show"...can you say "WOW"!!!!! it is paper-pieced.

                                                                  Elaine @messygoat

                                          I love this quilt!!! It is pieced...not raw edged appliqued.

Marla @Pennylanequilts

 ...and I saved my favorite for last :0) 
This was done by Michelle Wilkie @ml_wilkie

Well, there were so many more to see...but these were just the few that captured my attention. 

I totally have plans to go to the Quiltcon 2019 in Nashville Tennessee. Not sure about California next year...but ya never know.

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pay to get essays written said...

lovly quilts. i really want some quilts like these because they seem to be quite comfy. will show it to my grandma who can hopefully stitch one like these.

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This green pattern of quilt is very nice and looks cool. Its not easy to spare time and make one at home but you are very smart in that.

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