Friday, June 9, 2017

Sandie's Backyard Paradise Part 1

So, back in October 2016 Hubs and I decided to get a pool. After doing our research we had Pool people come and give us the numbers...YIKES!!! Are you kidding Me!!! And I told my Hubs I've always wanted a Koi pond, just a little one off to the side of the pool. Under the screen porch so birds don't eat them. Well, at these pool prices THAT wasn't happening. Sigh :( So, We went to the Home and Patio Show downtown to have a look around at all the different vendors to see what was what. And I ran into Earthworks. They specialize in water features. And they just happen to be having a Koi pond workshop the very next weekend. 

You bit your dollar I dragged Hubs there to see if we could build our own Koi pond. Um??!! After 5 minutes of watching the Leader of the Koi pond maker start sweating....the answer was clearly NO!!!!! So, I got up slipped into the office and made an appointment to have that cool guy come to my house and give us his numbers for a small Koi pond next to our pool. ( we were due to sign pool papers in 2 days) The gal at the register said..."We are also doing a Koi pond tour today too... here is a map of all the house that are open to visitors if you would like to see finished ponds." YES!!! So, I went out side and waited for Hubs to realize that he could NOT do this project. It took him about another 15 minutes...HA!!! We left and went on the tour.

3rd house in was UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
No pool just one huge water feature and out door kitchen from one end to the other. It was like walking into a section of a Disney Botanical Garden or something. Turtles, koi, goldfish, plants, butterflies ...we were in awe!!! 

Called Pool man....Sorry we no longer want a pool.

Called Earthworks man....We want what you did over there but on a smaller scale.
I don't have 200,000 to spend.

Earthworks stuck to our budget and we have a BEAUTIFUL mini paradise in our own backyard.

We decided on 2 ponds. An upper pond and a lower pond. And 3 water falls. The tall wall in the back corner there is where the first waterfall will start.
The rock they are moving right now is a Tennessee stone, and weighs 2 tons. And it became my walking bridge to Hubs little space. It took 2 trucks, and 8 men to move!!! I thought I was going to pass out!!!             
Lower pond taking shape. Bridge in.

On the left you can see they have extended my porch patio out to meet the upper pond. And made steps. The original porch dropped straight down at the pillars.
This gives you an idea how deep this lower pond will be. 3 feet deep.
I was in my Art studio and my Bella was going bonkers growling and barking like someone was going to come through the second story window any second. I kept telling her to be quiet!!!! Knowing she was barking at the GROUND crew!!But, then I finally looked at her and she was NOT looking DOWN at the ground crew for Pete's sakes...she was looking straight out!!! WHAT?!!!! So, up I got to see what she was seeing!!! LOL!!!! Had to go get my girl a cookie for that one!!! LMAO!!!! The look she gave was..."I told ya so Mom!!!"
Here are my hero's ....There were more of them...but these guys were here all the time. :)
So, are the finished results. The water is a little murky. But it had not yet settled. And the plants are all brand new. And at this point I had no fish. But, I wanted you to see the the finish product.

Upper pond

You can see the bridge and my Hubs chair he picked out.

...and then this is my chair I picked out! LOL!!! yeah...I know!!! LOL!!!

Our first inhabitant ...his name is Turt. And he is a Georgia Slider.
He is so stink' cute!!!

and Yes, we let the boys out every once in a while. Supervised of course. Then we bring them back in. (Jasper)

Well, that's the new Porch. Will do a "What's it look like now Post soon."
Gorgeous!!! Plants have filled out, fish have gotten bigger, water is crystal clear, and baby turtles are getting bigger too.

Have a great day!!!

Sandra Kaye.



Lesley Gilbert said...

Wow - what a wonderful space to live your outdoor life in - you'll have to do a video with all the sounds of the water cascading down and the aqua life enjoying their new home:) - also looks like your neighbour has the same type of frame/netting, in one of the background photo's? Now you have a new place to get creative :)

Qltr89 said...

It must be so peaceful hanging out at the pond. Have fun!

cucki said...

So beautiful
Have fun x

ES said...


Marlynne said...

My Goodness! What a transformation1 Stunningly beautiful!!

iHanna said...

OMG! That is the most amazing indoor pond I've ever seen, and with the mini tiny turtle - omg, so cute. You're one lucky duck Sandy.

Hulk said...

nice post

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