Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sandie's Backyard Heaven Part 2

   After showing you pictures of the pond coming to life...I thought you would like to see pictures of it now in full swing of LIFE.
My corner of the pond...and the chair that I picked out. Jake is currently using he has just figured out that something is MOVING in the water. (ha) We let Jasper and Jake out at least once a week to explore the pond area...they are so funny to watch. Their senses come alive when they are out there.

We bought 4 medium size Koi and 6 small Koi and 2 Fancy Goldfish for the lower pond. Currently we have 3 new baby Koi.

 We also bought 10 regular goldfish for the upper pond. But some fell over the waterfall and ended up in the lower pond.

My lilies are blooming :)

Okay several things are happening in this photo.
1- I had just finished pruning the lily pads...and left my yucky trash laying on the ground. (ignore that please...LOL!!)
2- I was showing you the purple lilies. (which since this photo my koi have eaten :( boo)
3- If you look closely..... just left of the bottom purple lily you can see my 2 turtles sunbathing on a lily-pad. The one on the left is Turt and the other is Buddy. 

Here is my Hubs little spot...and his chair he chose. He is obviously enjoying his spot....(zzzzz) Daisy and Zoey are enjoying a bit of sun as well.
That bridge...was the big rock in the last post you saw them putting in. 2000 lbs 2 trucks and 7 men to get it right where it is. LOL.... don't think it's going anywhere any time soon. 

After months of exploring the edges of the pond and the waterfall...(the waterfalls are Jasper's favorite part of this whole porch) He has finally seen the wiggle moving fish in the pond. 

Here through the elephant ear plant you can see the start of my pond. The top waterfall.

And here are the Boys... Turt (bottom) is a Georgia Slider..given to us by my SIL.....and Buddy (top) a Map turtle, we got so Turt wouldn't be alone...thus his name :0)
When I need to prune the lilies (which is about every other week) I sit quietly and wait for the boys to come up for air. once they do...I go in and grab them..... and put them in a bucket.
Turt is really not an issue because he is so easy to see. But Buddy looks just like all the other 3000 rocks....and I would be devastated if I stepped on one of these little guys. Plus this gives me a chance to see how big they are growing.
And lastly... the porch is not only relaxing and also allows me the opportunity to take some pretty sweet pictures with the pond as the backdrop.

Thanks so much for visiting...I'm going to go have lunch in my porch chair :0) 


Veronica Reynolds said...

So amazingly beautiful you are a lucky lady and you've earnt it because you're a great teacher too.

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

Such a serene place and beautiful too! I can see shy your hubby was snoozing there, lol!

Nancy said...

Such an inviting oasis. And pet playground extraordinaire! Lovely.

Connie said...

You have created a screen-in paradise. What a huge undertaking; it is enchanting. I can just imagine relaxing in that lounge chair of yours . . . I might never come out of it. Who needs a resort vacation with a backyard like that; I am in awe.
Happy summer!
Connie :)

peter said...

nice post

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