Monday, October 30, 2017

Camp WatchaWannaDo :0)

Off to camp I go... Its been a long time since I've said that! But I joined a new Quilt Guild...and they do a yearly sewing camp!!! YEAH!!! I was so glad I joined them just in the nick of time to catch the camp fun.
Plenty for room for 34 quilters to each have their own 6 foot table. (everyone was at lunch when I took this pic)
We even got a chance to go to the local Quilt Shop. And as I like to take Selfies (to document my life) The sun played into my picture perfectly :0)
These are the things I worked ....above is my giant cross-cut quilt...pattern by Debbie from A Quilters Table.

Mary Anne showed us all how to make folded fabric stars!!

And I'm doing a travel Round robin quilt...and the quilt I got in the mail this time was Halloween themed ...LOL!!! So, out came Lillyellasworld paper pieced Spider. To add to the quilt. Pretty spooky right?!
We were gone for a five days...So we got some good sewing time in. We had show and share night...and here are the picks of finishes or how far Ladies got. ( and I'm sorry I can't remember names, I'm still very new to this guild)

I got a few selfies with the Gals the morning we were all leaving...I look like I'm wearing my PJ's..I'm not...just the top over my sleeveless dress, because it was butt freezing COLD that morning we got up to leave the camp!!!! And I had NO sweater. So I was stuck walking around with my PJ top on....LOLOLOL!!!! :0)

Vicki - Linda - Me

Me - Sunny

Me - Sherry - Sunny

Thanks for stopping by blog....see ya soon. 


Connie said...

How much fun is that . . . you must have come home super inspired :)

Nancy said...

Looks like a great venue for the retreat with plenty of space for all. That floor gave me a touch of vertigo when I first glanced at the photo! Everyone got a lot done in your time. Always a feeling of satisfaction to complete or make significant progress on projects. Nothing to do but sew and socialize- love it. Doesn't it feel as if you are packing your entire sewing room up when you go on retreat? I always think that when I'm getting ready to go, but once there I forget all the work and just enjoy it.

Linda in Calif. said...

Lucky you - looks like so much fun. And the spider is great - love it.

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